Chinese Recipes

  • Egg fried rice (Indian street food style)

    Egg fried rice is a popular Indo Chinese food. Egg fried rice with addition of vegetables makes this dish more nutritious and healthy. There are so many variations in fried rice; each fried rice has a unique flavour and taste. … Continue reading

  • Garlic chicken

    Garlic chicken is a very popular dish in India and is served in every restaurant. I have prepared this in an Indo-Chinese style, which is my favourite. As the name itself says garlic chicken, so lots of garlic goes but … Continue reading

  • Chicken and vegetable hakka noodles

    Chicken Hakka noodles or chicken Hakka chow mien popularly known dish in indo-Chinese cuisine. This chicken Hakka noodles or chicken chow Mein noodles is very easy to make, only in vegetables cutting time is needed, otherwise it’s easy. Though it … Continue reading

  • Egg fried rice with fish sauce and sesame oil

    Egg fried rice is a very popular Chinese dish, but it has many variations. You can also add any meat you like, like chicken, prawns or vegetables like cabbage, capsicum, beans, carrot or bean sprout. It is up to you … Continue reading

  • Spicy gobi manchurian (cauliflower manchurian)

    Gobi Manchurian is a Chinese dish but I have made it in an Indo-Chinese way. This dish is different from other manchurian dishes as I have used chilli garlic sauce and the cauliflower pieces are not dipped in the batter … Continue reading

  • Chicken lollipops with orange flavoured sauce

    Chicken lollipop is an Indo-Chinese appetizer and is made from chicken wings. You can make chicken lollipop according to your taste and you can add your own spices. This dish is in a dry form and it can be eaten … Continue reading

  • Prawns fried rice with fish sauce

    Prawns fried rice with fish sauce is different from other fried rice as in this I have not used any soya sauce and eggs also. In this fish sauce is added and some vegetables, you can add any vegetables which … Continue reading

  • Chilli paneer

    Chilli paneer is an indo-chinese vegetarian dish and is a popular starter in India. Paneer is coated with corn flour, fried in oil and then tossed with sauce. You can prepare chilli paneer in dry form or gravy form. In … Continue reading

  • Capsicum stuffed with chicken

    Chicken mince is stuffed in the capsicum and cooked in a spicy sauce. You can have it as a starter or as a side dish with rice/noodles. This recipe is one of my favourites and my husband likes it very … Continue reading

  • Chicken lollipop with tangy chilli sauce

    Chicken lollipop is every ones favourite dish; it is eaten as a starter. Chicken wings are used for chicken lollipops, which are shaped in the form of chicken lollipops. I have tried so many variations, and I liked all and … Continue reading

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