Uttapam is a thick dosa fried with few vegetables in it. It is like a thick pan cake. You can call it as an Indian pizza also. In this you can use any batter which is used for making dosa. I have given you already idli recipe and dosa recipe also, from which you can use it for dosa and also uttapam. Idli /dosa can be made from idli rice, parboiled ponni rice, ponni raw rice, with variations with each rice variety; it gives different taste and also the softness, when it is grounded with urad dal. Dosa will be thin, soft and crispy, where as uttapam is thick, soft and cooked with vegetables like how pizza is cooked.

Uttapams are made in many variations like tomato uttapam, cheese uttapam, paneer uttapam. The recipe which iam showing is mixed vegetable uttapam, but if you want can make onion uttapam, tomato uttapam and more varities. For children you can make cheese or paneer uttapam with mini uttapams.



  • Parboiled ponni rice – 2 cups
  • Raw ponni rice – 1 cup
  • Urad dal – 1 cup
  • Methi seeds – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as required
  • Water – for grinding
  • Uttapam

  • Onion – 1
  • Tomato – 1
  • Carrot – 1
  • Green chilli – 2
  • Capsicum – 1
  • Mint – few (optional)
  • Coriander leaves – few
  • Salt – as required



  • Soak rice for 3 hours or up to 6 hours and urad dal more than 1 hour but less than 3 hours. Soak methi seeds with rice itself. I always soak both rice and methi seeds in one bowl and urad dal in a separate bowl. Follow the grinding procedure from my idli recipe.
  • Uttapam

  • Chop all the vegetables and keep it aside. Can grate carrot and keep it aside. You can slice or chop the vegetables as per your wish.
  • Preheat the dosa tava, when it is hot drizzle 1/2 tsp oil, and wipe it with slice of onion, just clean the tava, do not burn your hand in it. Dosa will come in good golded brown colour and it will not stick to the tava.
  • Just before putting the batter on tava, sprinkle little water, as soon as the sizzling sound comes, again clean the tava with onion and then put a spoonful of batter or ladleful batter in the middle of tava and spread it as a medium circle size dosa.
  • Swirl the spoon round, clockwise direction, rotate it round, but not slowly, little quick, otherwise it will start sticking to the tava.
  • Now immediately put the vegetables one by one, first onion, spread it, tomato, green chilles, carrot, capsicum, salt a pinch, and other ingredients on top of the batter, so that, it will stick to that batter.
  • Drizzle few drops of oil around the dosa and little on top of it.
  • For uttapam you need to make it small and thick dosa, as seen in the picture.
  • When one side is golden brown, turn the uttapam, and can drizzle few drops of oil, around the corner.
  • Cook it on medium flame, after 1 to 2 min turns it and place it on the plate.
  • Repeat the same above process, every time you cook the uttapam.
  • Every time you put the dosa, clean the tava with the onion if you want and then put the batter, to avoid sticking and a good colour will come on dosa.
  • After 2 or 3 uttapams , try to sprinkle some water and wipe it with the onion, so that dosa will come beautifully.
  • Serve it with any chutney you like or just with ketchup as it already stuffed with many vegetables.
  • I have served it with tomato chutney and onion chutney.


  • Before making dosa , always prepare your dosa tava ready, by rubbing it with onion and then sprinkling some water and again rubbing it with onion. This will give you perfect dosa, crispy dosa, good uttapam and other dosas you make.
  • When are you making dosa, you can sprinkle water on tava in between after making 2 to 3 dosa, and rub it with onion, to make the dosa tava clean.
  • If dosa is sticking on the tava, just drizzle few drops of oil, rub it with onion and then batter on it.
  • The oil on the tava should be such that it is just greased not like we put for any frying items like egg.
  • I never drizzle any oil, before putting the batter, just preparing dosa tava and then batter, after making dosa , I drizzle oil.
  • You can make dosa on the non-stick pan also but that golden brown good colour comes only, with the ordinary dosa tava.
  • For dosa, we should always keep the tava separate as we cannot cook chappathis or rotis on it, but on dosa tava you can cook egg fry, fish fry, but it is always better to keep the tava separate.
  • Uttapam can be made from my rava idli batter also, when my batter remains after 2 days , I try to put like dosa or uttapam , but can make thick dosa, it tastes good and the texture will be crispy, because of the little coarse batter as in this we have used idli rawa.
  • For uttapam, as soon as the batter is put on the tava, put the vegetables on it , so that it will stick to the batter.
  • For uttapam, you can mix all the vegetables and then spread it on the uttapam. Salt is added for the vegetables , just a pinch on it.
  • For the variation, try to sprinkle some idli podi or dry coconut chilli powder, or curry leaf powder, we call it as a podi, we get it in Chennai and Andhra and other south places also. it will give you different tatse.

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