Chicken stir fry/dry/semi dry recipes

Chennai style chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a very popular appetizer served in restaurants and made at home as well. Everyone has their own recipe as per their taste. In Chennai style chicken 65, chicken is deep fried and garnished with onions and curry leaves whereas for Hyderabad style it is deep fried and again cooked in yoghurt spiced mixture. This recipe is the Chennai style chicken 65.

Hyderabadi Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a very popular and appetizing dish in south India. In restaurants and at home, it can be served as a starter or as a side dish. It is a spicy and sour south Indian fried chicken. The chicken is marinated with spices, deep fried and then tempered in a yoghurt (curd) mixture until all the liquid is absorbed. It is a dry side dish. Everyone has their own recipe and prepare differently.

Sukha chicken wrap

Wraps are great for taking out as a lunch or picnic or as a meal at any time. There was some sukha chicken (semi chicken fry)  left over and I had few tortilla wraps, so thought of making hot and spicy chicken wraps with chilli sauce and mint mayonnaise which I bought it from one of the food festival. At home if there are any left overs like chutnies, chicken or lamb or vegetables or salad, you can make any wraps with your left over chapattis (rotis) or tortillas or naan also.

Sukha murg (semi dry chicken fry)

Chicken sukha is a dry masala chicken, which goes well with plain rice, any dal, rasam or chapathi (roti) . In the chicken sukha, it is up to you, can add onions or not. I have added onions, but I have cooked with the same ingredients without onions also. As in this dish, frying and roasting is involved I have used oil in between cooking. It is very easy to cook, simple ingredients, spicy and delicious.

Chennai style chicken fry masala

Chicken fry masala is a very popular and appetizing dish in south India. It is a fried chicken, which is marinated with curd and spices and deep fried in the oil. In each house it is done differently. This chicken fry is juicy, succulent and spicy, as it is marinated, deep fried and then again cooked in a spicy curd mixture, which gives chicken double coating and makes it more delicious and appetizing. I call this chicken as chicken65, as my previous recipe is dry with fried onions. There are varieties of chicken fry (chicken 65) and each has different taste and method.

Charga /chargha (fried or roasted whole chicken)

Charga/chargha is a very famous dish in Lahore and in Asian cuisine, especially in Pakistan. I tasted it in London (UK) in Lahore restaurant. Charga means, a full chicken which is marinated with spices, steamed and then fried or deep fried in oil/ghee. In each house or restaurant the chargha tastes different because of the marinade and the way it is cooked. For the marinade, curd (yoghurt), cumin powder, chilli powder, vinegar, ginger and garlic paste is used, but you can add your own spices.

Whole chicken fry (Restaurant style)

Whenever I used to see full chicken hanging in restaurants to attract customers and later getting grilled/roasted, it used to apetise me a lot. I just thought of making a sort of tandoori chicken without an oven and made this full chicken fry using tandoori masala ingredients. I have prepared the marinade according to my taste, which is spicy, sour and tangy.

Grilled chicken in tandoori masala

Grill chicken in a Tandoori masala is now common every where, as it is one of the most popular foods in India and almost other countries. In uk, it is very famous and it is enjoyed by every one. Tandoori chicken is prepared in a traditional clay oven, which we see in the restaurants. Each restaurant has their own recipe and is different from region to region.

Chicken fry

This chicken fry is my mother’s recipe and is best as a side dish for biryani, with plain rice and dal or by itself as a starter. Chicken is deep fried. The chicken is then garnished with onion, green chillies, mint and coriander leaves fried in the same oil in which chicken is fried (which I call as a flavoured oil or spiced oil) which gives a good aroma and additional taste to chicken fry.

Chicken liver fry with hot peri peri sauce

This is a simple dish and very easy to make. The people who eat chicken liver will like this dish. I have used nandos peri peri sauce (hot), if you want medium one sauce you can use. It is a ready made sauce, even we get marinade also in peri peri, so that you can fry the meat and eat it.

Chicken liver masala fry

This is another fry masala , in which I have used all the basic spices and fried it. A drizzle of lemon juice will make it more tasty. you can see my other related recipes of chicken liver.

Chicken liver fry

This is my childhood favourite dish. The day chicken is bought at our house, I will be eagerly waiting for the liver fry. My mother knows that, if she is not going to fry it, I will be behind her in the kitchen till she fries and give me. It is like a appetizer for me in the evening or in during school holidays.