Gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa)

Gajar ka halwa is a very authentic, famous, delicious Indian sweet. It can be made in any occasion and served warm or at room temperature. I have prepared Gajar ka halwa, without using Mewa or khoya. Khoya or Mewa is used to enhance richness and flavour in sweets. When I was making gajar ka halwa, I prepared beetroot halwa, can view in the picture. Preparation method is the same but taste and colour differs. Can use any nuts like almonds or pistachios as per your taste. Gajar ka halwa is cooked in milk, by thickening it on lower flame or medium flame, by stirring it continuously, so that it does not stick to the bottom. So it is cooked at low flame, but in between can cook at medium flame.


  • Carrot (gajar, grated) – 1 1/3 cup
  • Milk – 1 cup (220 to 250 ml)
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Ghee (clarified butter) – 2 to 3 tbsp
  • Cashew nuts – 7
  • Pistachios – as per requirement


  • Grate carrot and keep it aside.
  • Preheat the non stick vessel or any kadai, add 1tbsp ghee, when warm add grated carrot.
  • Stir or roast until, its water dries, for first 2min on medium flame and 3min on simmer flame.
  • It is roasted in ghee, as to absorb its flavour well.
  • Add milk, mix well, cook until, it thickens for 10 to 12min, on medium flame and in between simmer flame.
  • When it was boiling I added cardamom powder, but can be added in the end when sugar is added.
  • In the beginning can cook on medium flame, but as soon as it starts thickening and the milk gets dry, it will stick easily to the bottom and can burn, so reduce it to lower flame (simmer).
  • Keep stirring, so that it does not stick to the vessel.
  • Drizzle 1/2tbsp ghee, when milk gets dry and thickened.
  • As soon as milk gets thickened and dry, and all liquid is absorbed, add sugar mix well.
  • It becomes little liquid, as sugar dissolves, cook on simmer for 10 to 15min, and keep stirring.
  • While stirring add ghee 1/2tbsp, little by little in between.
  • Gajar ka halwa after 10min, starts leaving the pan or vessel, switch it off as soon as it reaches its consistency.
  • Garnish with chopped roasted cashew nuts and pistachios on carrot and as I made beetroot halwa also. Serve warm.


  • Sugar and ghee, are added according to my taste, can reduce or increase as per your taste.
  • View my beetroot halwa, the same procedure.
  • Instead of grating, I coarsely grind them in my mixer, which becomes more fast and easy, but it is up to your choice.
  • Instead of cooking carrot directly in the milk, first thickened the milk, and then add the roasted carrots, and cook, whichever is easy for you.

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