Ocean Of Recipes

Dream to spread the joy of cooking

About Me

My name is Shama
Owner, author and photographer

My parents are from Andhra, India and I was brought up in Chennai, India. I did masters in marketing, got married and at present leaving in the United Kingdom with my husband and two kids - one boy and one girl. My little girl keeps me really busy. Though I started this website way back in 2010, when my son was in nursery, I started sharing recipes and my aim was to share traditional and my home recipes. I was a complete novice on photography (food photography left alone) at the time, which will be evident in my website.

The past 3 years has been quite busy for me - shifting to our new home, new place, changing school, pregnancy, delivery and more. I still am spending quite a lot of time with my kids as they need my time, especially the younger one.


Vision & Mission

I love to visit different places and love to taste food from cuisines all over the world. The recipes and dishes that you see here are created out of genuine love for cooking food and collecting recipes, especially Indian food. It is through my culinary journey that I have come to know how much diversity exists in food and what I have tasted is only the tip of an iceberg.

This very reason prompted me to the name Ocean of recipes and this website is an attempt to explore, test, perfect and spread the recipes from all around the world. I will be mostly sharing recipes from Andhra and Chennai cuisines in addition to other Indian recipes, which I learn from my friends, neighbours, magazines and TV shows. I will not limit myself to Indian cuisine, but will also explore every cuisine in the world (be it Chinese, Thai, Pakistani, British, American, Italian, French and many more).

I Am Still Learning

Though I was not actively updating my website, I travelled, visited food markets, tasted food from different cultures and cuisines and this kept the excitement and enthusiasm for food alive and in fact fueled my passion for more culinary adventures. I also spent this time to learn about photography focussing on food photography and editing. I started with a point and shoot camera and now I am using a bridge camera as photography with a DSLR still seems daunting to me especially when you are cooking and clicking at the same time. Eventually I will get there when I have the time and skill to use a DSLR efficiently.

I have tried really hard to do this to the best of my knowledge and to capture photos at every step of the process to explain the recipes better (a picture is worth a million words). I sometimes make the recipes all over again if I forget to capture photos for some stages or forgot to write down the recipe or simply messed up in the process. This is very important to me as I want to share only the exact recipe that I approve of in terms of taste, texture, etc. It seriously takes quite a lot of time particularly when you do all the work at home by yourselves plus you have a child as a bonus. I constantly feel that I have not uploaded as many recipes I wanted to.

Your Feedback Is As Important As The Ingredients To A Recipe

If you try any recipe from my website, do leave a word under the recipe in comments section. Your suggestions are very important to me in further perfecting these recipes and also in improving my website. The comments, likes, shares and pins encourage me hugely and imbibes a lot of positive energy in me to direct towards my website.