Sambar recipes

Vegetable sambar

From breakfast to tiffin, sambar plays a vital role. It is a must accompaniment for popular South Indian breakfast like Idli, Dosa, Vada and many more. Even during lunchtime, sambar is served with rice. There are a variety of sambar recipes, few of which I have already shared. This one I am sharing here is the mixed vegetables sambar.

Vengaya sambar

Vengaya sambar is a very popular sambar among other sambars prepared in Tamil Nadu. Chinna vengayam sambar/small onion sambar (also known as kunjili) is one of my favourite sambars and it goes well with any south Indian breakfast and also with plain rice with a drizzle of ghee. I always prepare as arachuvitta vengaya sambar. Arachuvitta sambar means (in Tamil) ‘made with freshly ground spices’.

Drumsticks and brinjal sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

Drumstick is a common vegetable which we can use in sambar. This time I have prepared sambar using brinjal, drumstick, ladies finger and ofcourse my favourite sambar onions (kunjili onions or shallots). In this sambar recipe, I did tadka (seasoning) first, then boiled the vegetables, added the boiled dal and then freshly ground powder (masala). If you want you can do tadka right at the end.

Okra and drumsticks sambar

This sambar is made with freshly grounded spices and you can use any vegetables you like. My son likes sambar very much as he eats idli with sambar only. So I make varieties of sambar with different vegetables for him but less spicy. In Chennai, most of the people have breakfast specially idli with sambar or dosa.

Brinjal and carrot sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

Sambar is a south Indian dish common in Indian and Srilankan Tamil cuisines. Sambar is a vegetable stew made with vegetables, tamarind, toor dal and ground coconut paste.This is very popular in south Indian regions like Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerela and Karnataka. Each state prepares it differently with its own variation.

Okra and shallots sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

Sambar is of two types, one is freshly ground and other is just using sambar powder with other spices. If it is in Chennai, drumsticks, sambar onions, brinjal are used mostly in sambar. If it is in Bangalore, the sambar will be in reddish colour and jaggery is added for sweetness – same in Andhra and Kerela. The taste differs, but method and vegetables used are same.