Chicken curry recipes

Restaurant style Butter chicken

Butter chicken is a very popular dish and is also known as Murg makhani. Butter chicken is luscious and creamy and is similar to chicken tikka masala – creamy and tomato based. Kids love it as it is quite mild. I have prepared many variations of butter chicken, but this one is my son’s favourite. Prepare this restaurant-style butter chicken at home and enjoy.

Nadan kozhi curry | Kerala style chicken curry

Nadan Kozhi-Chicken Curry is a very popular chicken curry in Kerala and it goes well with Keralan style parotta or any Indian bread, pathiri , Appam, plain rice or ghee rice. This Keralan chicken curry cannot be made in hurry as: onion has to be cooked until soft and caramel, spices has to be roasted and combined well with onion, chicken has to be roasted well with onion mixture without adding water, on medium or low flame only, by doing this we get a very scrumptious restaurant style chicken curry with good reddish colour.

Chettinad chicken kurma

This time I am sharing authentic chettinad dish, chicken kurma. Chettinad food is a very famous cuisine for its distinct flavour, taste and spiciness and most popular for its non-vegetarian dishes in chettinand region in Tamil Nadu. Chettinad cuisine is popular for its variety of spices and freshly ground spices for non-vegetarian dishes. Chettinad chicken kurma is a spicy, hot and aromatic dish, which is flavoured with aromatic and distinctive spices like dagad phool (kal pasi or black stone flower), nutmeg and mace (jaiphal and javitri), star anise apart from cashews and kus-kus (poppy seeds), which is a must . Don’t compromise with the ingredients given or you will not get the chettinand taste. Chettinand chicken kurma goes well with plain rice, porotta, roti, idiyapam , idli and dosa, etc.

Chettinad chicken curry / kuzhambu

Chettinad food is very popular for its non-vegetarian dishes from Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu. I am sharing this authentic restaurant style Chettinad chicken curry/kuzhambu, which is spicy, hot and aromatic flavoured with distinct spices like kal pasi (dagad phool or black stone flower), nutmeg and mace (jaiphal and javitri), star anise in addition to other spices. Do not compromise with the ingredients mentioned in this recipe if you want the real Chettinad taste. Chettinad chicken curry/kuzhambu goes well with anything – plain rice, roti, chapathi, parotta, biryani, pulao, idiyyapam, dosa, set dosa, idli, etc.

Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murg

Hyderabadi dum ka murg is a very popular nawabi dish in Hyderabad, both in homes and restaurants. Hyderabadi dum ka murg is known by many names like dum ka red chicken and hyderabadi wedding red chicken curry. For me, dum ka murg means chicken cooked in low flame. Hyderabadi dum ka murg is prepared with various spices, nuts, sauces and mint leaves, which gives this dish a unique sweet taste with creamy texture.

Kadai chicken / chicken karahi

Kadai chicken/Punjabi kadai chicken is a very popular North Indian chicken curry preparation, especially in restaurants. Chicken karahi is very popular in Pakistan. The word kadai in Hindi means Wok. In homes and restaurants, an Indian wok is used to cook kadai chicken. Kadai chicken is cooked with freshly roasted ground spices in onion and tomato mixture, with kasuri methi, ginger julienne, bell peppers (capsicum), which make this curry different from others.

Murg makhani / butter chicken

Butter chicken (murg makhani) is an appetising, mouth-watering and popular dish in India and abroad. Butter chicken is available in every restaurant in India and in Indian restaurants in other countries. Whenever we go to restaurants with friends or families, butter chicken will be ordered every time with naan. Butter chicken is best served with naan or roti (chapathi, phulka).

Tandoori chicken masala

Tandoori chicken masala is very popular in the UK like chicken tikka masala. I have prepared this dish with tandoori chicken pieces. The creamy texture blended with aromatic spices and tomato sauce goes well with tandoori chicken pieces. I have pretty much used the same ingredients as for tandoori chicken and butter chicken. The only difference being that I have used tomato passata to prepare the sauce.

Chicken jalfrezi

Chicken jalfrezi is a very popular curry dish in the British curry houses along with chicken tikka masala, chicken vindaloo and many more. In British Indian restaurants and take away curry houses, you will find jalfrezi in the menu. I have tasted jalfrezi in many restaurants and thought of preparing the restaurant way at home.

Chicken in creamy cashewnut tomato sauce

This chicken in creamy cashew nut tomato sauce goes well with Naan, roti(chapathi), poori, ghee fried rice, pulav. The sauce is smooth and creamy made of tomatoes, cashew nut paste, single cream and some spices in it. Basically chicken is marinated with spices and cooked in oven or a pan also, then added to the creamy tomato sauce gravy. The gravy is made of tomato puree, spices and cream with butter of course.

Chicken in spicy coconut milk curry

This chicken curry I have prepared in the style of southern style by cooking it in Coconut milk. I have used dry chilli paste for spiciness. It is easy to cook and simple ingredients go in it. If you get easily chilli paste in stores, then more easy and simple to make this curry. This spicy chicken goes well with plain rice, Idli, dosa , chapathi (roti).

Achari murg

Achari Murg is a spicy chicken recipe of North India, made with the spices which go into pickle. It is different from the chicken Achari (pickles), which we get from the shops and in each place chicken achari is made with different spices and taste. This Achari murg is different from the other curries; you can try and know the taste. Spices are roasted and grounded in a pestle mortal or grinder.

Stuffed full chicken curry (Kozhi Nirachathu)

Stuffed full chicken curry is cooked on special occasions. Every home could have their own recipe. Kozhi nirachathu (stuffed chicken) is a kerelan dish in which a whole chicken is stuffed and cooked slowly. It is like Murg Musallam but the spices that are used in this are different.

Butter chicken with almonds

Butter chicken is a very popular dish in India and lots of other countries. Butter chicken can be cooked in many variations and it depends what taste you like. You can find this in every restaurant in India and in Indian restaurants in other countries.

Hara masala murg

Hara masala murg is a masala kind of dish, made of mint and coriander leaves paste. The name hara masala itself says that curry is made of herbs and other ingredients. This dish has little gravy, which goes well with pulav, jeera rice and thin rotis (rumali roti) and naan. Can make this dish with ghee or butter, but I have used oil and butter. I have used mint leaves and coriander leaves, either equal amount or can add more coriander leaves and less mint leaves too.

Garlic tomato chicken curry

As obvious from the name, garlic tomato chicken curry, I have used garlic cloves and tomatoes to make this curry. Onions are not used in this garlic tomato chicken curry and is quite rich and dry. You can serve the garlic tomato chicken curry with roti (chapathi) or rice.

Gongura chicken

Gongura with mutton or gongura dal or gongura chutney (pachadi) is a very popular Andhra dishes. In vegetarian meal you will find gongura dal or gongura pachadi(chutney) and in non-vegetarian gongura mutton or gongura mamsam and gongura prawns is popular but other than these dishes, in gongura there is a very popular dish which we serve it at our homes , its name is khatti bhaji aur boti ka saalan (gongura with intestine of goat).