Dal recipes

Dal tadka

Dal tadka is a very popular dal preparation offe ...

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Dal makhani (restaurant style)

Dal makhani, a very popular dal in Punjab and in ...

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Tomato pappu (tomato dal)

Tomato pappu/dal (tamatar ki dal in hindi) is ve ...

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Gongura pappu (gongura dal)

Gongura pappu or khatti bhaji ki dal (gongura da ...

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Thotakura dal (Amaranth leaves or Arai keerai)

Thotakura or Arai keerai or Amaranth leaves (gre ...

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Kacchi mirch ki dal (green chillies dal)

Kacchi mirchi ki dal is very popular in our side ...

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Methi (fenugreek ) dal

Methi dal (menthe kura in telugu) is common in e ...

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Mango dal (Mamidikaya pappu)

Mango dal (mamidikaya pappu) is a classic dal po ...

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