Sea food curry recipes

Mango fish curry (Chennai style)

South Indian (Chennai) style mango fish curry is one of my favourite fish curries because of the sour and tangy taste. Mango fish curry is an onion and tomato based curry with tamarind and raw mango. The combination of raw mango and fish makes this curry excellent. I have used sea bass for this curry. Any firm fish like snapper, sea bream, king fish (vanjaram) or salmon will work. This fish curry has pretty much the same ingredients as madras fish curry with the only main difference being raw mango.

Sindhi machi (fish) curry

Sindhi fish (machi) curry is also known as raswali machi. Sindhi machi curry is very easy to prepare and onions are not used in this curry. This curry is entirely different from my other fish curries. The blend of tomatoes and coriander leaves along with spices has given a lot of flavour and taste to the curry. I have used pomfret fish steaks to make this delicious Sindhi fish curry.

Madras fish curry

Madras fish curry is an onion and tomato based curry along with tamarind. Coconut is not used in this curry. This fish curry is one of my favourite dishes as tamarind goes into it. I should also say that one of my favourite breakfasts is this Madras fish curry with dosa. I have used vanjaram fish (king fish). Any firm fish like snapper, tilapia, sea bream, koduva (sea bass) and even salmon will do just good in this curry.

Home style Andhra fish curry

This home style fish curry (Macchi ka saalan) is a recipe from my grandma, which is very easy and simple to prepare. We call it macchi ka mittah salan, when no tamarind or any sour ingredient is added. I have cooked this fish curry so many times but could not match the taste of my grandma’s fish curry. Macchi ka saalan (fish curry) goes well with plain rice or Raagi mudde (also called raagi sankati or raagi ball or raagi sankati in Telugu.

Grandma’s mango fish curry

Fish curry is a big favourite if we are staying near the sea shore or coastal area where fresh sea food is available in abundance. This is my grandma’s mango fish curry, which I used to enjoy the most. The reason is, it is sour and raw mango is used in the curry. Fish and raw mango combination goes well together and it gives to the curry a distinct sour taste and flavour.

Gongura royyalu (gongura prawns curry)

Gongura royyalu (in Telugu) means gongura prawns curry. Gongura (sorrel leaves) or khatti bhaji (in Hyderabad it is known like that) is very famous and very much used in Andhra Pradesh. Gongura is one of my favourite green leaves and is sour in taste. In restaurants which specialize in Andhra food, they serve gongura royyalu (gongura prawns curry) which is a popular dish in Andhra. In my home it is very rare we prepare gongura royyalu as we make gongura mamsam and gongura with boti (goats intestine) or gongura chicken.

Andhra Rayalaseema chepala pulusu (Fish Curry)

One more fish curry, the famous Andhra Rayalaseema fish curry – chepala pulusu, which means Tamarind fish curry and is very popular in the houses of Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh. This fish curry is similar to my other chepala pulusu, but in this curry I have added roasted special spices. Fish is cooked in a tangy sauce and in the end roasted spices are added, which gives this curry a different taste.

Mamidikaya chepala pulusu (Mango fish curry)

The famous traditional Andhra fish curry, Mamidi chepala pulusu which means mango fish curry made with fresh water fish. The fish is cooked in a tangy sauce which tastes tastier the next day. As my grandparents are from Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh), whenever fish curry has to be made, it has to be very fresh from the fresh water lake or river. One day our neighbour gave us the mamidikaya chepala pulusu, it was delicious and tasty.

Chepala pulusu (Tamarind fish curry)

The famous traditional Andhra fish curry, chepala pulusu which means Tamarind fish curry, which is very popular and found in every restaurants of the menu in Andhra. The fish is cooked in a tangy sauce which tastes tastier the next day. In my home, my relations and my friends who are from Andhra Vizag (Vishakhapatnam), Anantapur, Kurnool, Hindupur, kadappa, Guntakal, Hyderabad and other places, prepare this curry differently though the ingredients are same.

Turi aur jhinga ka saalan (ridge gourd and prawns curry)

Ridge gourd (Turi ) and prawn curry is famous in our family also known as beerakaya royyala kura in telugu (Andhra Pradesh) , as how we like to add vegetables in lamb/mutton, the combination of prawns and vegetables also go well but only with specific vegetables like potato, ridge gourd, drumstick, peas, beans and other vegetables, which suits well with prawns(shrimps).

Dry anchovies fish and egg curry

Dry fish curry, is made in south part of India, where fish is available in abundance and near the coastal area where people eat lot of sea food. If you go near the beaches, sometimes can see dry fishes, where fishermen have put there nets or fresh fish to dry on the hot sand. Each dry fish has its own taste like dry king fish (vangaram in tamil) can be fried or cooked like semi gravy with brinjal or can make khar.

Herring fish curry

Herring fish is similar like sardine, often people get confused for sardine and herring fish. When they are young and small, these fish are called as sardine and when they are older and big they are called as herring fish. Herring fish is not as popular as sardine. Can get from any local fish mongers or in super stores. I got this from tesco, very fresh fish. I love to try different types of fish and their taste.

Chennai style mango fish curry

Fish curry made with special freshly roasted grounded spices. This curry is different from the other curry as in this I have added all the spices which is needed for fish curry and also tamarind and mango pieces. So this curry is sour, tangy and spicy. In this I have chopped the onion and tomatoes very finely and added , if you want can add paste of onion, tomato and garlic as I did for the fish mango curry in my previous recipe, can add fresh grated coconut also.

Crab masala (kekda ka saalan)

Crab Masala – we call it kekda ka saalan in Hindi or Urdu. Whenever my mother used to cook this crab dish, the whole house used to be full of aroma and we will know that crab is cooked for dinner. This crab masala and with the same ingredients, you can prepare it as a curry or dry form like masala. I always love my crab to be fried or masala that is dry type with little sauce, but spicy.

Thrissur fish curry

Once my friend made fish curry, which was sour and spicy but it gave me new taste. i liked it very much and took the recipe from her. the different taste was because of kudampuli, it is a Kerelan dish, from middle part of Kerala .each region has its own curry and different. This is very easy to make and no hard work is required.