Tiffin recipes

Kanchipuram idli / Kudalai idli

Kanjeevaram idli/Kudalai idli/Kanchipuram idli is a variation to the regular idli (steamed rice cake). Kanchipuram idli originated from the place called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, famous for silk sarees, where I bought few of my sarees for my marriage 9 years ago. One of my aunts accompanied with us for shopping who suggested us to have Kanchipuram idli while shopping. Kanchipuram idli is slightly spiced and steamed.

Khushboo idli

Idli is the most popular south Indian breakfast. Khushboo idli is one more variety of idli and famous for its softness. It is spongy, fluffy and a little bigger than the usual idli. But for me the idli has to be soft and tasty for my breakfast. I tasted this in one of my friends place with coconut and tomato chutney. “Khushboo idli” seems to have named after the famous Tamil actress Khushboo, but I am not sure about this.

Rava idli

Rava idli is a famous south Indian breakfast from Karnataka and is one more variety of idli. Rava idli is different from the normal idli and can be prepared instantly. There is no need to ferment whereas normal idli has to be fermented and both tastes different also. Rava idli is easy and quick to prepare. Rava means sooji/semolina. You can use Bombay rava if ordinary rava is not available.

Mallige idli

Mallige idli is very famous in Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. Mallige in Kannada means jasmine flower. Mallige idli is very soft, tastes delicious and white like jasmine flowers. I have used idli rava and not upma rava (both are different). You can get idli rava in Indian stores (some use idli rice as well). I have used flattened rice (poha), cooked rice and curd/yoghurt to make it soft and extremely delicious.

Set dosa / sponge dosa / atukula dosa

Set Dosa /Soft dosa/Sponge dosa/Attukula dosa /Aval dosa is a one more variety of dosa and speciality dosa from Karnataka. Because of poha/aval used, the dosa is also known as aval/attukula dosa. The name set dosa because it comes in 3 set of dosa with a vegetable curry or chutney and sambar. They are soft, spongy and fluffy. They are served as tiffin/breakfast or in the lunch boxes for the kids.

Spicy Black Pepper curd rice (kali mirch ke dahi chawal)

Curd rice, flavoured with black pepper and garlic, is one of my childhood favourites and we used to call it Dahi Ghutti in my home. It is prepared in Anantapur and other places (in Andhra Pradesh), but mostly I have seen preparing in my home and my relations’ houses. I still remember my childhood times, when we used to make long journeys in trains.

Curd Vermicelli / Thayir semiya / Semiya bagala bath

Curd vermicelli/thayir semiya is same as the curd rice/thayir sadam from my previous post, only difference is vermicelli. Vermicelli which is cooked first seasoned (tadka) and mixed in a smooth curd. I tasted this first time in a Brahmin marriage, which tasted delicious, nothing came to my mind, I was just thinking, I wish I could get the recipe from the chef. It was creamy, smooth, just melting in mouth.

Ven pongal or kara pongal

Ven pongal/kara pongal is a very popular breakfast in restaurants or at home in south India. Tamil kara pongal recipe is popularly called ven pongal. ven pongal is very easy to make and this is one of the dish that I always see serving in banana leaves in marriages. In each house and other places, pongal is prepared differently. In Karnataka, the pongal I tasted at my friend’s house and restaurant’s is entirely different, as dry coconut or fresh coconut and turmeric powder is added and is served with tamarind based sauce called gojju.

Pav bhaji masala dosa

Pav bhaji masala dosa, I call it as a chat dosa as it is spicy, sour and tangy. In this I have used the green chutney (hari chutney), chat masala (ready made) and other ingredients. You can add any masala stuffing for the dosa you like; I have tried with chola masala, kheema masala, chicken masala, mushroom masala. In the restaurants you see different types of dosa, it is nothing but when you add butter it becomes butter dosa, when ghee added ghee roast dosa, if chicken then chicken masala dosa, so now I made it with pav bhaji masala, so pav bhaji masala dosa, I have not used the pav (means bread or bun) but its curry.


Pesarattu is a very popular breakfast in Andhra Pradesh (India), pesara means green gram, attu means dosa . Pesarattu is considered as a very healthy breakfast in India. My grand father likes pesarattu very much which he loves to eat with sugar and we love to have it with chutneys, which goes well with both.

Vegetable upma

Upma is a very famous breakfast in south India. Upma is made in varieties and loved by every one. I have made vegetable upma, which goes well with chutney, sugar or lemon pickle and with a dollop of ghee on it.

Potato masala for poori or puri

Puri and aloo masala curry is a very famous breakfast in south India. The aloo masala is same as it is served for dosa, but for puri the aloo masala is like curry/gravy, whereas for dosa it is thick and dry type, as it has to be stuffed inside the dosa. I am having this combination of puri and aloo, from my childhood and it is made especially when we are at home and in our school holidays.

Poori or puri

Puri/poori is a very popular breakfast in India. In India , there are so many different forms of puri from various places like bhatura which is usually served with cholae masala, which is a full meal by itself, chola puri which is 3 times the size of normal puri or more bigger than that, then comes the mini puri which is used for pani puri and other chats.

Potato masala for dosa

This potato masala is specially made for dosa and puri. In south if you visit any restaurant, if you are asking for masala dosa or puri, then this potato masala is served. For dosa the potata masala should be little dry and for puri like curry type, gravy should be there.

Tadka dosa

I got this idea when I was making guntaponglu (in telugu) or paniyaram (in tamil), which is made from dosa batter, in which some fried onions and other ingredients are added.

Masala dosa

Masala dosa means a crispy plain dosa in which potato masala is stuffed and the dosa is folded from both sides, is masala dosa. In restaurants, you get chutney and sambar with masala dosa. But at home you can make according to your taste.

Soft and spongy idlis

Idli is a very popular breakfast and daily diet in south India. In Chennai, every body loves to have idly; in restaurants idli is served with vada (medhu vada), chutney and sambar or just idli sambar. Instead of having plain idlies, for a change you can stuff it with any chutney or kheema curry.

Dosa batter for crispy dosa

Dosa is a popular breakfast in south India. It is a daily diet in tamilnadu and few other places also. Dosa is a pancake like made from rice and lentils.


Uttapam is a thick dosa fried with few vegetables in it. It is like a thick pan cake. You can call it as an Indian pizza also. In this you can use any batter which is used for making dosa. I have given you already idli recipe and dosa recipe also, from which you can use it for dosa and also uttapam.

Sambar vada

Sambar vada is a very popular south Indian breakfast. You can have it in the morning or in the evening. The crispy vadas are soaked in sambar to make it soft and juicy. It will absorb all the flavour of sambar.

Ghee roast dosa

Plain ghee roast Dosa /ghee roast conical dosa is a popular breakfast in south India and in the menu of restaurants it is a must. It is prepared only by drizzling ghee and the dosa should be very crispy with a golden brown colour. In restaurants we get butter roast dosa also and also paper roast dosa, which is light like paper and very crispy , which is cooked with ghee or butter. With my dosa batter , you can make very crispy dosa.

Medhu vada

Medhu vada is a very popular break fast in south india. Medhu vada is served with sambar and coconut chutney. It is like a doughnut shape but taste differs. Medhu vada is made with urad dal, which is soaked in water for few hrs, then ground to a thick paste and then fried in deep oil.

Plain dosa

Plain dosa is eaten in every home in India. Dosa is almost eaten daily in some homes in south India. Dosa is served with chutney or sambar or both. If I am making plain dosa, most of the times I use the batter I would use to make idli. When the batter is ready, I make idlis on the first two days and then dosa for the remainder of the days until the batter is all over.

Idli made with idli rava (or idli sooji)

Idli is a south Indian breakfast. Idli is one of my all time favourites. Idli is served as a tiffin or even as a snack. We can use idli rava (or idli sooji) for making idlis. It is easy to make and grind in a mixer. Its soft and smooth.

Curd vada (dahi vada)

This is one of my favourite dish. I like curd vada more than sambar vada or any vegetable vada. Whenever vadas are made at home, there will be fight between me and my brother as I want curd vada and my brother wants just vadas, but both of us get what we want.


Idlies are made with parboiled ponni rice or with idli rice in a special grinder (Indian mixer). Idli is a south Indian breakfast. It is served as a tiffin or as a snack. It can be eaten at any time. It is served with sambar (lentil dal), and chutney.

Bread upma

Upma is a south Indian break fast. There are varieties of upma and also variations in upma. Upma is usually made with sooji, commonly known as rava in south India. There are varieties of upma like rice upma, sooji (rava) upma, cous-cous upma and bread upma.