Lamb/Mutton curry recipes

Achari gosht (pickled lamb curry)

Achari gosht is a lamb/mutton dish cooked in mustard oil with Achari (pickle) spices to bring out the pickle flavour in the lamb/mutton curry. Achar means Pickle. In India, it is used as a accompaniment with the meal. Apart from lamb, I have used thick sized green chillies stuffed with achari spices for more flavour and taste. Achari gosht goes well with roti, phulka, chapathi or just plain rice.

Mutton (or lamb) chops curry

This is a semi gravy lamb chops curry, cooked in an onion and tomato based sauce – very easy to cook. This curry is spicy, tangy and the chops are well coated with a thick sauce. To give that rich look to the curry, I have used readymade tomato puree (concentrated). There are front chops and back chops. You can ask the butcher as to whichever chops you want. You can use mixed meat like chops, bones, ribs, etc – the mix enhances the taste too.

Drumsticks and mutton curry

Drumstick and mutton curry (Munge ki phalli aur gosht ka saalan) is a meat and vegetable combination curry. It is prepared in my home whenever drumsticks are in season. Drumstick and mutton curry is popular in Andhra and is known as Munagakaya mamsam and in Tamil Nadu as Muranggakai mutton curry. For drumstick and mutton curry, we call it as Munge ki phalli aur gosht ka mittah saalan at our home. The base for the curry is onion and tomatoes and is very easy to prepare.

Kali Mirch Gosht Ka Salan (Mutton/Lamb Black Pepper Curry)

Pepper Mutton/Lamb curry is a spicy and tasty black pepper curry made with few ingredients. It is a must dish for black pepper lovers. In urdu/hindi, it is known as kali mirch gosht ka salan. This dish features more often that usual at homes during cold winter days or when someone at home has cold, cough or recovering after fever. I learnt this recipe from my mom. The combination of onion and black pepper gives the curry a sweet and spicy taste.

Mutton kurma

Mutton Kurma is a South Indian coconut based curry, which is quite different from mutton khorma/korma in North India, the Mughlai dish. There are so many variations in mutton kurma itself. This time I am showing how my mother-in-law prepares at home usually served with pulav for dinner. If any kurma is left over, then it goes for breakfast with idli/dosa – this combination is too good, trust me.

Lamb jalfrezi

Lamb jalfrezi is a very popular curry dish in the British curry houses. In British Indian restaurants and take away curry houses, you will find this dish – lamb jalfrezi. Lamb jalfrezi is a thick onion and tomato curry sauce prepared medium or spicy according to the order or taste of individuals. Additionally, bell peppers (capsicum), onions, green chillies and fresh tomatoes are added.

Andhra style paaya ka saalan

Paya, goats leg/trotters is one of my favourite comfort foods, made in a very rich sauce made with Indian spices. Paya is famous and favourite among the Muslim communities in India, Pakistan and other parts of the world and also among others who love trotters. Paya means trotters or feet of goat, lamb or cow. Paya is famous in India, everyone has their own recipe including restaurants. Soups and curries made from paya are usually consumed in India during winter months.

Chettinad Mutton kuzhambu (Karaikudi mutton curry)

Chettinad food is popular for its non-vegetarian dishes in chettinad region in Tamil Nadu. Some of the popular food in chettinad cuisine is chicken curry, mutton curry, fish curry, adirasam and many more dishes. Chettinad cuisine is popular for its hotness (spicy), variety of spices and freshly ground spices for non-vegetarian dishes.

Lamb (Gosht) nihari

Nihari is a traditionally Muslim dish of Indians and Pakistanis. It is very popular in Delhi and other north parts of India in Muslim community. It is even considered as a national dish of Pakistan. The word Nihar originated from the Arabic word Nahar means morning, the dish was usually eaten in the early morning.

Kofta ka saalan

This is quick and easy kheema masala , no need to chop onion or any vegetables and no fussle to make it. I have used spring lamb, can use mutton or lamb as per your taste.

Mutton curry with broad beans (Chikkudukaya mutton curry)

Chikkudukaya mutton curry or avarakka mutton curry is a very popular dish combining meat and vegetable in Andhra and southern part of India. Broad beans (chikkudukaya in Telugu, avarakka in Tamil, sem ki phalli or gwarphalli in Hindi) or flat beans are nutritious and rich in fibre and proteins. Mutton curry with broad beans gives the curry a different flavour and taste.

Mutton chettinadu curry

Chettinand curry a south Indian spicy curry which goes well with our south Indian break fasts like idli, dosa, set dosa, aapam, parotta , puri and chapathi(roti). It is different from other curries as shallots and aniseed (suanf) gives a sweet taste and where as whole spices and pepper seeds the heat. Chettinand curry is prepared differently in each house and every one has its own recipe. I have cooked this curry in a pressure cooker, can cook in any vessel.

Arbi aur gosht ka khatta saalan

Arbi is a root plant like potato which has a slimy texture but it tastes delicious when cooked. With arbi can make kebabs, pokadas, dry fry, or in the curry. Its skin is very difficult to peel when raw, so boil it and remove the skin.

Arbi aur gosht ka saalan (colocasia and lamb curry) is one of my favourite meat and vegetable dish. This curry is Arbi ka khatta saalan as it is cooked in tamarind curry.

Suthriyan (Indian pasta)

The word Suthriyan, we use for a Indian pasta , which is flat in shape, which I used to get it in Chennai adam market, near Wallajah road in triplicane high road Or any old grocery shops. It is light in weight and made freshly but I don’t have recipe of it. It is mostly made in muslims home in Chennai and in my relations house. Each house has their own sauce, to go with suthriyan.

Stuffed Mutton Kofta Curry

Koftas are ground minced meat balls mixed with spices and cooked. It can be of lamb meat or goat meat or chicken. Some examples of vegetarian koftas are lauki koftas and malai koftas. In this dish, koftas are stuffed with onion mixture and cooked in the gravy or curry. In this recipe, the koftas are not deep fried, but it is directly cooked in the curry. This dish can be served with plain rice or naan or chapathi or pulav.

Mutton and ridge gourd curry / Beerakaya Mamsam (turai aur gosht ka saalan)

In Andhra, ridge gourd and lamb curry is known as Beerakaya Mamsam (ridge gourd and lamb curry), it is one of my favourite combination of vegetable and lamb/mutton. At home we call this dish as Turai ka saalan, and the combination of lamb/mutton and Turai (ridge gourd) goes well. When Turai (Beerakaya or Turai) is cooked, it gives a sweet flavour in taste, and reduces (shrinks like spinach leaves) in quantity. I always love to cook my meat with the combination of ribs, lamb/mutton chops; marrow bones which gives a very delicious taste to my curries or you can use boneless meat. It is eaten with chapathi, naan or just with plain rice.

Tangy mutton and ladies finger curry (Bhindi aur gosht ka khatta saalan)

Bhendi Ghost or Bhendi aur Ghost ka khatta salan is a tamarind based curry with onion and tomato as a base. Bhendi aur Ghost ka khatta salan, the mutton/lamb and the okra combination is very popular in Hyderabad (India) and other parts of Indian region and off course in Pakistan too. For Bhendi ghost I have used onion tomato and coconut as a base apart from tamarind which has a tangy taste, the combination of meat and okra gives this curry extra flavour, texture and taste.

Badami gosht pasanda

Pasanda is a popular north Indian dish. Pasanda is generally made with leg of meat, which is flattened in to strips, marinated and cooked with other spices. Now a day’s pasanda is prepared with chicken, fish and prawns also. The same dish prepared with badam (almond) is known as badami pasanda. This is often served with white rice or naan.

Palak gosht karahi

Palak gosht is very popular dish in north india and now a days you can see it in every north resturants like palak paneer, palak gosht is loved by non-vegeterians. This is spinach and mutton curry, which I made it by seeing it in TV show, when the chef from the resturant (fast food) was showing the preparation, but they did not reveal their real spices, I have tried myself and made it very delicious gravy.

Gongura mutton or Gongura mamasam

Gongura lamb / mutton curry (gongura mamasam in telugu) is one of my favourites and very close to my heart dish. It is an authentic and popular non-vegetarian dish in Andhra Pradesh. I like this dish very much because of its tangy and spicy taste. Gongura is called as sorrel leaves in English, khatti bhaji or ambadi ki bhaji in Hindi, pulicha keerai in Tamil. There are 2 types of sorrel leaves – one is red stem sorrel leaves and the other is green sorrel leaves.

Mutton curry with groundnuts paste

This dish I have taken from my sister in law, who has thought me this spicy and tasty dish. This dish is from south part of India, Chennai. This dish can be cooked as gravy type or dry with little curry. This dish is made from freshly grounded spices and in this groundnuts are used which is why curry becomes different. This dish goes well with all Dosa, plain rice or chapathi (roti) or parotta (south Indian one) or paratha (laccha paratha type).

Mutton koftas with spinach gravy (Palak masala me koftae)

Koftas are often made with minced lamb or mutton. There are so many variations in koftas out of which one is stuffed meat balls and you can add anything you like for the stuffing and add to a gravy. There are so many varieties of curries as well that you can make for your koftas. In north and south India there are variations.

Kheema curry / Kheema ka saalan (minced meat curry, lamb/mutton)

The word kheema means mince, it can be of mutton or lamb or beef or chicken. With mince you can make stuffing for samosas,puffs,stuffed parotas and other dishes you can make even the popular sheikh kebabs.

Paya ka saalan

Paya means trotters and saalan is curry. This is a main dish, which goes with naan, roti, idli, idiyappam, aapam or even rice. This is how we cook in our home. Usually paya takes a lot of time if cooked without pressure, but you can cook it in a pressure cooker and save time. The gravy has to be spicy to taste good.