Straight from my home recipes

Ridge gourd and prawn masala (Turai aur Jhingha Masala)

Ridge gourd and prawn masala is a very popular dish in Andhra, known as Beerakaya Royyala masala in Telugu and Turai aur Jhinga ka masala in our home. Ridge gourd combined with prawns makes this dish very delicious and appetising.

Turi aur jhinga ka saalan (ridge gourd and prawns curry)

Ridge gourd (Turi ) and prawn curry is famous in our family also known as beerakaya royyala kura in telugu (Andhra Pradesh) , as how we like to add vegetables in lamb/mutton, the combination of prawns and vegetables also go well but only with specific vegetables like potato, ridge gourd, drumstick, peas, beans and other vegetables, which suits well with prawns(shrimps).

Kofta ka saalan

This is quick and easy kheema masala , no need to chop onion or any vegetables and no fussle to make it. I have used spring lamb, can use mutton or lamb as per your taste.

Kheema aur aloo masala

This is quick and easy kheema masala , no need to chop onion or any vegetables and no fussle to make it. I have used spring lamb, can use mutton or lamb as per your taste.

Mutton curry with broad beans (Chikkudukaya mutton curry)

Chikkudukaya mutton curry or avarakka mutton curry is a very popular dish combining meat and vegetable in Andhra and southern part of India. Broad beans (chikkudukaya in Telugu, avarakka in Tamil, sem ki phalli or gwarphalli in Hindi) or flat beans are nutritious and rich in fibre and proteins. Mutton curry with broad beans gives the curry a different flavour and taste.

Arbi aur gosht ka khatta saalan

Arbi is a root plant like potato which has a slimy texture but it tastes delicious when cooked. With arbi can make kebabs, pokadas, dry fry, or in the curry. Its skin is very difficult to peel when raw, so boil it and remove the skin.

Arbi aur gosht ka saalan (colocasia and lamb curry) is one of my favourite meat and vegetable dish. This curry is Arbi ka khatta saalan as it is cooked in tamarind curry.

Suthriyan (Indian pasta)

The word Suthriyan, we use for a Indian pasta , which is flat in shape, which I used to get it in Chennai adam market, near Wallajah road in triplicane high road Or any old grocery shops. It is light in weight and made freshly but I don’t have recipe of it. It is mostly made in muslims home in Chennai and in my relations house. Each house has their own sauce, to go with suthriyan.

Mutton and ridge gourd curry / Beerakaya Mamsam (turai aur gosht ka saalan)

In Andhra, ridge gourd and lamb curry is known as Beerakaya Mamsam (ridge gourd and lamb curry), it is one of my favourite combination of vegetable and lamb/mutton. At home we call this dish as Turai ka saalan, and the combination of lamb/mutton and Turai (ridge gourd) goes well. When Turai (Beerakaya or Turai) is cooked, it gives a sweet flavour in taste, and reduces (shrinks like spinach leaves) in quantity. I always love to cook my meat with the combination of ribs, lamb/mutton chops; marrow bones which gives a very delicious taste to my curries or you can use boneless meat. It is eaten with chapathi, naan or just with plain rice.

Tangy mutton and ladies finger curry (Bhindi aur gosht ka khatta saalan)

Bhendi Ghost or Bhendi aur Ghost ka khatta salan is a tamarind based curry with onion and tomato as a base. Bhendi aur Ghost ka khatta salan, the mutton/lamb and the okra combination is very popular in Hyderabad (India) and other parts of Indian region and off course in Pakistan too. For Bhendi ghost I have used onion tomato and coconut as a base apart from tamarind which has a tangy taste, the combination of meat and okra gives this curry extra flavour, texture and taste.

Khar – Spicy dry fish masala

Khar is a very spicy and hot dish made with green chillies, onion and dry fish mixture. Khar is a very homely dish from my home town Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) my grandmother, relatives and my mom prepare this at home, but with different techniques. My grandmother prepares khar with pestle mortal and mother with grinder or mixer, both gives different taste though same ingredients. khar is a very homely dish very spicy and hot dish , not available in restuarants my father always demands for this dish , whenever he visits his mother’s house.

Turi ka saalan

Turai or Turi in Hindi/Urdu, Ridge gourd in English, Beerakaya in Telugu, is one of my favourite vegetables in the gourd family. In Andhra Pradesh, this Turai ka saalan curry is popularly known as Beerakaya kura. Turai has a sweet taste and can be prepared in many ways from cooking with dal to cooking with mutton or even prawns. Always buy ridge gourd which are young and not aged or ripened, otherwise it will be fibrous and not good to eat.

Kacha char (raw rasam)

Kacha char means raw rasam from Andhra , which is served as raw, with thadka on it and it is not cooked, that’s why it is called kacha char. The spices are roasted first and grounded to a paste or can ground it in pestle mortar, then mixed in tamarind water. It is sour, tasty and different from other rasams which we cook. This rasam is very popular in villages and towns.