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  • Jhinga fry (prawns fry)

    Jhinga or prawn fry is a very tasty and delicious dish and should be a favorite for a lot of people and so is for my husband. In each house they do it differently with the spices. In fries especially, oil usage is more as, we are roasting it, oil is needed, but it is up to you to use or avoid it. In roasting I use kadai, which we can scrap and stir well, but not in non-stick, but you can use non-stick to avoid oil. In this jhinga fry I have used simple ingredients and easy to cook. … Continue reading

  • Tandoori murg

    Tandoori murg, it is the same as I have shown you in grill chicken in tandoori masala, I have used ready made tandoori masala, but I have taken medium size thigh and breast pieces, which are juicy and succulent. In this recipe the difference is I have cooked the chicken pieces in the oven not in the grill pan to get that char grill colour and taste. There are slight changes in the ingredients like I have used Kashmir chilli powder to get the colour. You can always prefer any method or spices you like. Ingredients Chicken – 350 to … Continue reading

  • Masala dosa

    Masala dosa means a crispy plain dosa in which potato masala is stuffed and the dosa is folded from both sides, is masala dosa. In restaurants, you get chutney and sambar with masala dosa. But at home you can make according to your taste. From my childhood, whenever dosa is made, I preferred only masala dosa and the chutney my mother used to apply was ground nut chutney, but I preferred the raw onion chutney (can view both the recipes). Even at my grandparents house also, masala dosa is every ones favourite and I loved my mamis (aunty) dosa , … Continue reading

  • Gongura mutton or Gongura mamasam

    Gongura mamasam is one of my favourites and very close to my heart. It is an authentic and popular non-vegetarian dish in Andhra. I like this dish very much because of its tangy and spicy taste. Gong is called as sorrel leaves in English, khatti bhaji or ambadi ki bhaji in Hindi, pulicha keerai in Tamil. There are 2 types of sorrel leaves – one is red sorrel leaves and the other is green sorrel leaves. There is not much difference between them. The red one has its stem red and will be more sour than the green one. There … Continue reading

  • Paneer sticks

    Paneer sticks are served as a snack or as a starter for all paneer lovers. Paneer is cut into long length wise and covered with potato mixture, coated with bread crumbs or sesame seeds and deep fry it in the oil. The potato mixture, I made, divided into 2 portions and added different spices in each, to show you can make varieties in it and can add any ingredient you like. I have used green chilli sauce in one mixture and pavbhajji masala in the other, so entirely different spices. you can add according to your taste. Children will like … Continue reading

  • Chilli prawns

    Chilli prawn a very popular indo-chinese dish and one of my favourite starter in indo-chinese .chilli prawn is my favourite dish and I have prepared it in Indo-Chinese style. In restaurants, whenever I see chilli chicken or chilli prawns in the menu, I just order it. I love food which is spicy, tangy and reddish in colour but at the same time it has to be delicious and tasty. So, I tried this chilli prawns, which is spicy and have added spiciness according to my taste. Instead of prawns you can use chicken or fish. In this I have used … Continue reading

  • Mumbai grilled sandwich

    A healthy vegetarian Mumbai toasted vegetable sandwich, nearly found in every street-corner, train station, bus stop, college, school and near beach, with colourful vegetables and with melting cheese or without it, tastes delicious and a quick snack. Mumbai or Bombay sandwich consists of slices of soft white bread, butter, off course green chutney applied on it, without it, it is an incomplete Bombay sandwich, filled with all kinds if fresh vegetables and cheese, this can be served untoasted or toasted. I have toasted the bread with cheese and without cheese, both tasted good. The cheese melting inside the bread with … Continue reading

  • Banana chips

    In south India, if you visit any bakery shop, you can find banana chips known as yellow chips also because of its colour. I always call it as yellow chips instead of banana chips. In Tamil nadu, Karnataka and Kerala every where we get it and other places also. Whenever my father visits to kerela , the banana chips will be in demand though I get it in Chennai, just for a change to taste the banana chips of kerela. My mother also prepares banana chips but it won t be like the shops one, but I like it very … Continue reading

  • Hara masala murg biryani

    Hara masala murg biryani is flavoured with herbs and spices. I prefer making my biryani spicy and I add more masala according to my taste. Hara masala murg biryani (green masala chicken biryani) is different from other kinds of biryani as the chicken is marinated with a green paste made with mint leaves, coriander leaves and green chillies. The method I followed for this recipe is pakki biryani (meat is pre-cooked, rice is layered on top and cooked). There are so many variations in biryani. This time I thought of making biryani with a change in the marinade. The green … Continue reading

  • Sindhi machi (fish) curry

    Sindhi fish curry is entirely different from other curries. This fish curry is full of good aroma and good taste. The Sindhi fish curry is also called as raswali machi. I have never tried Sindhi fish curry before but I wanted to try it as I love trying new things. In this fish curry there is no need to add even onions. When I made this fish curry, it was full of aroma and the curry tasted too good. It is so easy to make and requires very few ingredients. I have used pomfret fish to make this tasty Sindhi … Continue reading

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