• Beans poriyal

    Poriyal (stir fry), is a tamil word which is used in Chennai for fried vegetables which is shredded or chopped finely. It is a very important part of south meal. It is served as a side dish in 3 course meal which is served with plain rice, sambar, rasam and curd. When you go to any restaurant in Chennai, and order for meals during lunchtime, you will see that rice, puri and side dishes with curd and pickle is served. With that side dish poriyal is served. Grated or shredded coconut is added at the end as a dressing and … Continue reading

  • Spicy Black Pepper curd rice (kali mirch ke dahi chawal)

    Curd rice, flavoured with black pepper and garlic, is one of my childhood favourites and we used to call it Dahi Ghutti in my home. It is prepared in Anantapur and other places (in Andhra Pradesh), but mostly I have seen preparing in my home and my relations’ houses. I still remember my childhood times, when we used to make long journeys in trains. We used to pack curd rice and lemon rice with chips and pickle, sometimes chapati or roti as it will not go stale soon. Curd rice will get sour if it is hot summer, so my … Continue reading

  • Hot dry chillies chutney

    This is a very hot chutney and goes well with idli, dosa, uthapam, masala, dosa, snacks like fried dumplings (bajji or pakodas) or with other breakfast of your choice. It is very spicy and tangy. This chutney is roasted in oil and then ground into a smooth paste. You can refrigerate the chutney for 3 to 4 days. You can serve this hot dry chillies chutney with snacks, fried dumplings (bajji or pokadas) or any breakfast dish also. I got this recipe from my college mate. Her mother prepares this chutney the best. It will be reddish in colour. You … Continue reading

  • Sindhi biryani

    Among other famous biryani, there is one more famous biryani known as Sindhi biryani from Sindh, Pakistan and few places in India. I tasted this delicious biryani in a restaurant (uk) and one of my friends house. Each one prepares Sindh biryani as per their recipe. This biryani is entirely different from the famous Hyderabadi biryani and Lucknowi biryani. This Sindhi biryani is spicy, sour and tangy and full of flavour. In Sindhi biryani, potatoes, chicken or mutton, dry plums (alubhukhara) and lemon juice or lemon slices are used with spices. It is up to you whether you can add … Continue reading

  • Kofta ka saalan

    Meat balls (koftas) are made of minced meat usually lamb/mutton with few spices and onion in it. Meat balls can be made with minced chicken, beef, prawns and fish. You can buy the mince near your super market or your local butcher. I always buy my meat from my local butcher, so that I can ask for few meat bones (for the curry, for flavour) and ask the butcher to mince according to my wish like coarse mince or smooth. I have already prepared few curry recipes for meat balls; each recipe is different from each other. In this curry, … Continue reading

  • Chilli chicken noodles

    Chilli chicken noodles are spicy and flavoured with roasted sesame oil (use the dark colour ones). I love the taste of sesame oil and so I use often in my most of the recipes, it gives additional taste. The oil which we use in Tamil Nadu is gingelly oil (nalla enna, raw sesame seeds), do not use that oil, its colour is in golden and light colour where as toasted sesame oil is used for Chinese recipes. I have used egg noodles or egg-less noodles for the chilli chicken; can use any noodles you have like rice noodles, Thai noodles … Continue reading

  • Chicken lollipops

    This is a Chinese appitizer and it is made from chicken wings. To give a lollipop shape, pull the thin layer of flesh and pull the flesh to the other end of the thick bone and make like a lollipop. You can ask your butcher to do it or is readily available in some markets. In chicken lollipop you can add your own spices also and can make according to your taste. this is a dry form dish and it is eaten as a starter or any time you want. I will call my chicken lollipop as a Indo-Chinese chicken … Continue reading

  • Egg fried rice (Indian street food style)

    Egg fried rice is a popular Indo Chinese food. Egg fried rice with addition of vegetables makes this dish more nutritious and healthy. There are so many variations in fried rice; each fried rice has a unique flavour and taste. You can use any vegetables like carrot, cabbage, capsicum (any colour), beans, beans sprout and peas if you like. In this you can add cooked chicken, prawns and eggs also, vegetarians can use only vegetables. Chinese food is cooked in a wok and at a very high flame but I have just taken bigger kadai and cooked at high, medium … Continue reading

  • Vietnamese egg paper rolls

    Vietnamese egg rice paper rolls are so delicious that they are healthy and very easy to make. The rice papers are softened when dipped in warm water or cold water, just for few seconds and used as wrappers for our tasty, crunchy and delicious egg rice paper roll. The egg rice paper roll is filled with soft rice noodles, crunchy vegetables and lots of herbs, which makes it very healthy Vietnamese paper roll. They are plain to taste but when dipped in the spicy peanut or fish sauce or soya sauce or any sauce, gives a very good taste and … Continue reading

  • Turmeric flavoured chicken noodles

    In this chicken noodle, turmeric flavour will be more, though using oyster sauce or soya sauce. This easy and quick recipe. If you are able to get chopped Chinese stir fry vegetables and boiled rice noodles in the super store, it is more easy and quick, I will say more comfortable recipe on lazy days or any left over vegetables and left over roasted or boiled chicken is left, you can use this recipe. It is a one pan or one pot dish, but very quick. After adding the sauce, always taste the seasoning, so that can add more sauce … Continue reading

  • Tom yum goong (Hot and sour prawns soup)

    Tom yum is a soup made in Thailand and it is very popular and has many health benefits because of its combination of herbs and spices. The basic stock consists of galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves, Thai birds red chilli. This soup is made with chicken (tom yum gai), prawns, vegetables and fish. I have prepared this with prawns. For stock I have boiled prawns shells in water and used as stock. I have used ginger instead of galangal. I did not get the fresh lime leaves, so iam using frozen crushed lime leaves. The lime leaves and lemon grass … Continue reading

  • Thai green curry paste

    This authentic Thai green curry paste is famous for its Thai green curry. This Thai green curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. You can add any vegetable, fish, chicken or beef to make green curry with this green curry paste. You can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes using this paste. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, green chillies, shrimp paste (kapi), galangal and … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry paste with dry chillies

    This authentic Thai red curry paste is famous for its use in the Thai red curry. This Thai red curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. You can add any vegetable, fish, chicken and beef to make red curry with this red curry paste. You can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes. A famous curry is made with this red paste called Duck curry in Thailand. Traditionally a heavy stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are … Continue reading

  • Tom yum gai soup with nam prik pao

    Tom yum gai is a chicken soup which is popular in Thailand. One of my favourite things to order at Thai restaurants is soups as they are always so vibrant, fresh and tasty! They are also really easy to make at home with exotic ingredients that you should be able to easily find at a local Asian grocery store or Thai store. This chicken soup balances spicy, sour, salty and sweet. This Thai chicken soup is different from my previous other soup as in this I have added most important in Tom yum soup for additional taste Nam prik poa (homemade), … Continue reading

  • Coconut milk rice

    Coconut milk rice goes well with any thai curry well or can be served with our Indian dishes too. Can prepare with ordinary rice or basmati rice too. It is easy to prepare and a simple dish. Ingredients Rice (sona masoori) – 1 cup Coconut milk – 2 1/2 cups Lime skin (grated) – 1 tsp Ginger – 1/2 inch piece Coriander leaves (chopped) – 2 tbsp Green chilli – 1 Salt as per taste Method Take a vessel, place rice, coconut milk, and other all ingredients in the vessel. Cook on high heat or medium heat; stir the rice … Continue reading

  • Appam

    Appam another famous south Indian breakfast very popular in Chennai and Kerala. Appam has a thin and crispy edge but thick and soft centre. The ingredients which go into appam are different from house to house and also state to state like in Kerala and Chennai. I got this recipe from one of my friend, which I felt it is easy and tasted good. Appam goes well with mutton or chicken korma, chicken or mutton stew, vegetable Stew, Kadala curry, Chutney or Sambar and the best part is with coconut milk (Sugar and Green Cardamom powder). I sometimes eat this … Continue reading

  • Ghee roast dosa

    Plain ghee roast Dosa /ghee roast conical dosa is a popular breakfast in south India and in the menu of restaurants it is a must. It is prepared only by drizzling ghee and the dosa should be very crispy with a golden brown colour. In restaurants we get butter roast dosa also and also paper roast dosa, which is light like paper and very crispy , which is cooked with ghee or butter. With my dosa batter , you can make very crispy dosa. Dosa in restaurants are served in various shapes, triangle shape, cone shape, and the common shape … Continue reading

  • Mallige idli

    Mallige idli is very famous in Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. Mallige in Kannada means jasmine flower. Mallige idli is very soft, tastes delicious and white like jasmine flowers. I have used idli rava and not upma rava (both are different). You can get idli rava in Indian stores (some use idli rice as well). I have used flattened rice (poha), cooked rice and curd/yoghurt to make it soft and extremely delicious. Remember that for all idlis, soaking and grinding method are same but the ingredients used may differ and that’s why each recipe of my idli recipes is … Continue reading

  • Palak paratha (spinach paratha)

    Parathas are unleavened flat breads and one the most popular parathas in Indian cusine. Parathas are usually stuffed with any vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, potato, can stuff with cheese or paneer, or mince meat. A paratha simply can be eaten with spread of butter on top, with any pickle or chutney. I have made spinach(palak) and potato paratha with simple ingredients, so that we can taste only the vegetables not the spices. I have used wheat flour for the dough and used baby spinach, can use ordinary spinach. The method is the same as I have already shown you for … Continue reading

  • Uttapam

    Uttapam is a thick dosa fried with few vegetables in it. It is like a thick pan cake. You can call it as an Indian pizza also. In this you can use any batter which is used for making dosa. I have given you already idli recipe and dosa recipe also, from which you can use it for dosa and also uttapam. Idli /dosa can be made from idli rice, parboiled ponni rice, ponni raw rice, with variations with each rice variety; it gives different taste and also the softness, when it is grounded with urad dal. Dosa will be … Continue reading

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