• Shingara samosa

    Samosa is a fried pastry with mild or spicy or sweet filling. Phul kopir (cauliflower) samosa is a famous Bengali snack. In Bengal, samosas are called shingara. Shingara is smaller in size and just 2 to 3 bites only like as we get those small mini onion samosas in Chennai near marina beach or busy markets or sometimes in a tea shop and also in Hyderabad both vegetarian and non – vegetarian in Irani or Muslim’s restaurant’s. The filling for shingara I have used is cauliflower and potato mixture with nuts and few spices. The dough for the pastry I … Continue reading

  • Vegetable fried rice (Indo Chinese style)

    Vegetable fried rice is a popular Chinese food. Vegetable fried rice is a mixture of vegetables and rice, cooked with Chinese sauce and served hot. But I have cooked it in an Indo–Chinese style. Whenever we order Chinese food, fried rice is a must, for cauliflower Manchurian or chicken Manchurian etc. Vegetable fried rice is easy, quick, and healthy and everyone’s favourite. Vegetable fried rice best made with left over rice in fridge. It is a quick brunch for lazy days or for tiffin box to carry outside or for dinner or when there is a short of time. It … Continue reading

  • Chicken lollipop with tangy chilli sauce

    Chicken lollipop is every ones favourite dish; it is eaten as a starter. Chicken wings are used for chicken lollipops, which are shaped in the form of chicken lollipops. I have tried so many variations, and I liked all and I am confused to tell which one was more tasty and crispier. In this I have used chicken wings, which are in the form of chicken lollipop but not trimmed properly as a chicken lollipop, it looks like mini chicken legs. You can ask your butcher to do or can do it by yourself. In this recipe I have used … Continue reading

  • Turmeric flavoured chicken noodles

    In this chicken noodle, turmeric flavour will be more, though using oyster sauce or soya sauce. This easy and quick recipe. If you are able to get chopped Chinese stir fry vegetables and boiled rice noodles in the super store, it is more easy and quick, I will say more comfortable recipe on lazy days or any left over vegetables and left over roasted or boiled chicken is left, you can use this recipe. It is a one pan or one pot dish, but very quick. After adding the sauce, always taste the seasoning, so that can add more sauce … Continue reading

  • Palak Paneer (Restaurant style)

    The very famous and popular Punjabi (North Indian) dish palak paneer (spinach and cheese), the most incredible and scrumptious dish. In every menu of the restaurants you will find this palak paneer. Palak paneer is a creamy thick sauce made with spinach puree and the pieces of paneer, the combination goes well. I have prepared this dish as per my taste but this is truly as per Punjabi style with little changes. In palak paneer : the spinach is blanched, pureed, spices are cooked, cottage cheese is added in the spinach curry. But I suated the paneer cubes with cumin … Continue reading

  • Mango dal

    Mango dal (mamidikaya pappu) is very popular in Andhra side. I tasted this first at my aunt’s house in Vishakhapatnam and I loved the taste, the dal and mango combination goes well, it is simply delicious. Mango dal (mamidikaya pappu) It is very easy to prepare and goes well plain rice with a drizzle of ghee(optional). I like this mango dal very much, but anything which is very sour I like it. In dal, I add the mango seed also, as some of the flesh will be attached to it. This dal is full of mango flavour and sour taste. … Continue reading

  • Ven pongal or kara pongal

    Ven pongal/kara pongal is a very popular breakfast in restaurants or at home in south India. Tamil kara pongal recipe is popularly called ven pongal. ven pongal is very easy to make and this is one of the dish that I always see serving in banana leaves in marriages. In each house and other places, pongal is prepared differently. In Karnataka, the pongal I tasted at my friend’s house and restaurant’s is entirely different, as dry coconut or fresh coconut and turmeric powder is added and is served with tamarind based sauce called gojju. The best pongal I tasted was … Continue reading

  • Papdi chaat

    Papdi chaat the name itself make us mouth water. A very popular Indian street chaat food. You can prepare papdi chaat with boiled potato, boiled chana (chickpea), yoghurt, sev and other ingredients. To make any chaat, you need to have few basic ingredients ready like for crispiness, papdi which is thin , flat and round shape like puri (can be bought from the shop), for sweetness which is tamarind and date chutney, for spiciness which is green chutney and other ingredients depending which chaat you are preparing. If you prepare these in advance and keep it ready, you can prepare … Continue reading

  • Misal pav

    Misal is very famous in the entire state of Maharashtra and a very popular street food. Misal is mostly made for the breakfast but can enjoy as a snack too.  It consists of two curries one is dry one (moth beans curry) and the other curry called as tarri/kat which is thin spicy gravy. This recipe requires lots of oil (you can add less), it is a traditional Indian dish. Main part of this mixture is Sabji/Usal made from sprouted Matki/Moth beans but some add mixed beans also. The final dish is topped with Punjabi mix, Farsan or chivda (Indian … Continue reading

  • Sweet and sour drumstick leaves rasam

    Drumstick leaves are my favourite leaves among greens as it has a good and valuable source of vitamin c, proteins, iron and potassium. it has a very high medicinal values. For pregnant ladies it is a good food. If you want drumstick leaves in London you can get it in south Indian areas or any Srilankan shops, I have seen in East ham, Wembely and Hounslow in south Indian shops or Srilankan shops. Drumstick leaves are widely used in southern part of india. In every individual houses you can see drumstick leaves or where there are very thin streets you … Continue reading

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