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  • Oyster sauce chicken

    Oyster sauce chicken is an oriental dish, which has a new taste and flavour of oyster. Oyster sauce is used in Chinese cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine, in soups, stir fries or as a dipping sauce and many more dishes. It is made from oysters and has a sweet taste and unique flavour. Vegetarian version is also available and is made from mushrooms. I have cooked this dish according to my taste buds. Chicken in oyster sauce is different from other dishes as in this no soya sauce is used; it has very different taste, which I liked it very much. … Continue reading

  • Vietnamese egg paper rolls

    Vietnamese egg rice paper rolls are so delicious that they are healthy and very easy to make. The rice papers are softened when dipped in warm water or cold water, just for few seconds and used as wrappers for our tasty, crunchy and delicious egg rice paper roll. The egg rice paper roll is filled with soft rice noodles, crunchy vegetables and lots of herbs, which makes it very healthy Vietnamese paper roll. They are plain to taste but when dipped in the spicy peanut or fish sauce or soya sauce or any sauce, gives a very good taste and … Continue reading

  • Gongura chicken

    Gongura with mutton or gongura dal or gongura chutney (pachadi) is a very popular Andhra dishes. In vegetarian meal you will find gongura dal or gongura pachadi(chutney) and in non-vegetarian gongura mutton or gongura mamsam and gongura prawns is popular but other than these dishes, in gongura there is a very popular dish which we serve it at our homes , its name is khatti bhaji aur boti ka saalan(gongura with intestine of goat). It is very popular in our places like Guntakal, Anantapur and other places. It is very popular in our homes and our relations also, as any … Continue reading

  • Lamb (Gosht) nihari

    Nihari is a traditionally Muslim dish of Indians and Pakistanis. It is very popular in Delhi and other north parts of India in Muslim community. It is even considered as a national dish of Pakistan. The word Nihar originated from the Arabic word Nahar means morning, the dish was usually eaten in the early morning. Today I am going to share with you all a very delicious and traditional slow cooked Lamb Shank Stew, known as Nihari. Traditionally this beef stew is cooked slowly over night and eaten as breakfast in early mornings but you can enjoy it over lunch … Continue reading

  • Shahi paneer malai kofta

    Shahi paneer malai kofta is a rich creamy dish with aromatic spices as in this paneer, cream, nuts, some aromatic spices also go. Malai kofta is a mughlai dish, and is very famous and popular in north India. This malai kofta is different from my other recipe as in the stuffing I have used more of grated paneer, mint and nuts fried in butter, which is why shahi (rich). I have added kesar (saffron) colour in the flour to give that extra colour, which makes different from my previous malai kofta. In this I have used mint leaves and for … Continue reading

  • Jhinga fry (prawns fry)

    Jhinga or prawn fry is a very tasty and delicious dish and should be a favorite for a lot of people and so is for my husband. In each house they do it differently with the spices. In fries especially, oil usage is more as, we are roasting it, oil is needed, but it is up to you to use or avoid it. In roasting I use kadai, which we can scrap and stir well, but not in non-stick, but you can use non-stick to avoid oil. In this jhinga fry I have used simple ingredients and easy to cook. … Continue reading

  • Pudina wale paneer pasanda

    Paneer pasanda is a very delectable dish made with stuffed fried paneer in a smooth, glossy, rich, aromatic and delicious sauce (curry). It is a very popular vegetarian dish and is served in many restaurants. I have stuffed the paneer with mewa (raisins, almonds and cashew nuts) and mint leaves. I have made the sauce with onions and tomato puree. I have also added fresh mint leaves to give a different flavour. It is very delicious and rich. If you want you can add very little dry mint powder to the sauce. I have used concentrated tomato puree, bur you … Continue reading

  • Chilli prawns

    Chilli prawn a very popular indo-chinese dish and one of my favourite starter in indo-chinese .chilli prawn is my favourite dish and I have prepared it in Indo-Chinese style. In restaurants, whenever I see chilli chicken or chilli prawns in the menu, I just order it. I love food which is spicy, tangy and reddish in colour but at the same time it has to be delicious and tasty. So, I tried this chilli prawns, which is spicy and have added spiciness according to my taste. Instead of prawns you can use chicken or fish. In this I have used … Continue reading

  • Rasam from Chennai

    Rasam is common in south Indian meal, it is eaten with white boiled rice. It is a second course eaten with rice, followed after sambar in south India. If you order any south Indian meal in hotels, you can see that rasam is there. A south Indian meal involves puri or roti, vegetable korma or any vegetable dish, sambar, any kuzhambu , dry veg dish called poriyal, pickle, apppalam (pappad), curd and sweet. Rasam is had as a soup too. If you just serve it with hot rice and appalam (in tamil) (poppadom), and some pickle , it goes very … Continue reading

  • Roast chicken

    Whole roasted chicken, the name itself makes me so appetizing and feel hungry. In London and other western countries, it is a special feast (apart from other meats) on Sunday or any time, every ones favourite, whenever family desires, as all the family members will be at home . A family feast and delicious lunch supper, what else you need to enjoy with chicken, roasted potatoes, with boiled baby carrots and gravy made after scraping the left over in the tray with the chicken fat and adding chicken stock or water and flour for thickening. A classic chicken always contains … Continue reading

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