• Thengai pottukadalai chutney / Coconut and roasted gram chutney

    Coconut and roasted gram chutney is a south Indian chutney, which is served with idli and dosa or any south Indian breakfast/snack. The roasted gram is also called roasted chanadal, split gram, putanae/putanalu in Telugu and pottukadalai in Tamil. This coconut and roasted gram chutney (thengai pottukadalai chutney) is quick and easy to prepare and is common in south India. I have used fresh grated coconut, which goes well with the roasted gram. Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 7 mins Cuisine: South Indian Serves: 2 Spiciness: Medium Ingredients Fresh coconut (grated) – 1/4 cup Roasted gram (split gram) – … Continue reading

  • Jhinga pulao (prawns pulao)

    This Jhinga pulao is flavoured with garam masala and other simple ingredients. I got from one of my friend, which aim sharing with you. Pulao or pulao is easy to make than biryani, as biryani takes time for cooking and dum. Pulao is cooked in the flavoured broth itself (absorption method). I have added the ingredients according to my spice and taste. The people who like garam masala flavour may like this pulao. I have used chicken stock cube in this, you can use vegetable stock or chicken stock (liquid). I have used medium size prawns, which gets cooked soon. … Continue reading

  • Cauliflower 65

    Cauliflower 65/Gobi 65 is a very popular snack or starter in south India as a vegetarian version. You can use the marinate of chicken 65, for cauliflower65, refer recipe. I tasted this first in Coimbatore where it is very popular as a street food. The cauliflowers are well coated in reddish sauce (marinate) and when it is fried, it gives a very good and crispy colour which attracts every one. In Coimbatore, you can see these stalls near the parks, it was about 8yrs back, and I have no idea whether these stalls are there or not. But I used … Continue reading

  • Lemon rice (Elumichai sadham)

    Lemon rice or chitrannam or Yelumiccha Pazha Sadham is an important south Indian meal and plays a very important role during festival times like pongal, ugadi or any auspicious time and as a simple lunch meal or as a picnic or for a long journey. I still remember whenever we plan for picnic or journey by train or car, my mother prepares lemon rice, as it stays fresh for a longer time and can be eaten cold. It is best served with pickle or potato crisps. It is so simple and easy to make. There are varieties of rice like … Continue reading

  • Sukhi bhaji palak ki (spinach stir fry)

    Sukhi bhaji palak ki is very popular in our home and in south India. We eat it either with roti (chapathi) or with plain rice. In India the spinach which we use is different from what we get in uk super markets. It is called as baby spinach leaves. When aim doing the spinach stir fry in south Indian style, which we call it as sukhi bhaji means dry fry, either I chop it or just as a whole leaf itself I cook it, as it is small in size. It is very easy for me to cook also, no … Continue reading

  • Spicy gobi manchurian (cauliflower manchurian)

    Gobi Manchurian is a Chinese dish but I have made it in an Indo-Chinese way. This dish is different from other manchurian dishes as I have used chilli garlic sauce and the cauliflower pieces are not dipped in the batter and fried but marinated in a dry form and deep fried in oil. I have tried so many manchurian dishes but this is my favourite amongst all. This is spicy too. You can vary the ingredients according to your taste. You can try with paneer or chicken or mixed vegetable instead of cauliflowers. Cauliflower manchurian goes well with any fried … Continue reading

  • Chilli prawns

    Chilli prawn a very popular indo-chinese dish and one of my favourite starter in indo-chinese .chilli prawn is my favourite dish and I have prepared it in Indo-Chinese style. In restaurants, whenever I see chilli chicken or chilli prawns in the menu, I just order it. I love food which is spicy, tangy and reddish in colour but at the same time it has to be delicious and tasty. So, I tried this chilli prawns, which is spicy and have added spiciness according to my taste. Instead of prawns you can use chicken or fish. In this I have used … Continue reading

  • Chicken pad thai

    Pad Thai is a stir fry noodle with fish sauce, chicken or prawns, lime juice, tamarind paste and vegetables, very famous as a street food in Thailand and is served with Thai condiments (crushed peanuts, chives, pickled turnip, coriander leaves, lime, spicy chili oil, chili powder, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar or palm sugar). In pad Thai, fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, tamarind paste, peanuts are very important but every one cooks differently as per their taste. I have adopted my recipes as per my taste and by seeing the chefs and the street vendors cooking pad Thai. The vendors mostly … Continue reading

  • Bang bang chicken salad

    Bang bang chicken traditionally means pounding the chicken to make it tender. In bang bang chicken, the main ingredient is peanut sauce, served with rice vermicelli or mung bean noodles. The ingredients in the bang bang chicken (Chinese) are similar to goda goda salad which is from Indonesian cuisine. This bang bang chicken can be served hot or cold. In the bang bang chicken salad, I have used simple boiled chicken, you can boil the chicken with some spring onion and ginger pieces or can fry it like me with pepper and dry chilli flakes. You can shred the chicken … Continue reading

  • Turmeric flavoured chicken noodles

    In this chicken noodle, turmeric flavour will be more, though using oyster sauce or soya sauce. This easy and quick recipe. If you are able to get chopped Chinese stir fry vegetables and boiled rice noodles in the super store, it is more easy and quick, I will say more comfortable recipe on lazy days or any left over vegetables and left over roasted or boiled chicken is left, you can use this recipe. It is a one pan or one pot dish, but very quick. After adding the sauce, always taste the seasoning, so that can add more sauce … Continue reading

  • Nam prik pao chicken with crispy noodles

    Nam prik pao is a very tasty accompaniment which goes well with soups like tom yum goong (hot and sour prawn soup) or any tom yum soup or as a dip. It is used in noodles and also in fried rice. This time I prepared crispy noodles with Nam prik pao chicken with some vegetables, you can add paneer or prawns for a change instead of chicken. The crispy noodles will give a crunchy bite with spicy and sweet sauce (Nam prik pao). Serve as a starter or main course. I have prepared the Nam prik pao chicken as per … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry paste

    This authentic Thai red curry paste is famous for its Thai red curry. This Thai red curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. Can add any vegetables, fish, chicken and beef to make red curry with this red curry paste. Can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes. A famous curry is made with this red paste duck curry in Thailand. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry with chicken and bamboo shoots

    Thai red chicken curry and bamboo shoots which is my favourite curry in Thai dishes, prepared with readymade bought good quality Thai red curry paste. The Thai ingredients especially lime leaves and lemon grass, are full of aroma and flavour, my favourite ingredients in Thai cuisine. This time I have add few vegetables with bamboo shoots, I have used tinned bamboo shoots for my Thai red curry. I want my red Thai curry to be spicy, sweet, sour and full of aroma. This time instead of preparing from scratch for the red curry paste, I have used readymade store bought … Continue reading

  • Coconut milk rice

    Coconut milk rice goes well with any thai curry well or can be served with our Indian dishes too. Can prepare with ordinary rice or basmati rice too. It is easy to prepare and a simple dish. Ingredients Rice (sona masoori) – 1 cup Coconut milk – 2 1/2 cups Lime skin (grated) – 1 tsp Ginger – 1/2 inch piece Coriander leaves (chopped) – 2 tbsp Green chilli – 1 Salt as per taste Method Take a vessel, place rice, coconut milk, and other all ingredients in the vessel. Cook on high heat or medium heat; stir the rice … Continue reading

  • Nam prik pao

    Nam prik is a spicy chilli paste in oil or chilli sauce or like chilli jam consistency which is normally eaten as a condiment or dipping sauce for fried dishes and other vegetable dishes in Thailand . It is a spicy and sweet jam consistency chilli paste in oil. There are varieties of nam prik like nam prik pla too (chilli sauce with mackerel fish), nam prik pla raa (chilli sauce with fermented fish sauce), nam prik kaphi (chilli sauce with fermented shrimp paste), nam prik num (grilled green chilli paste) and many more are there, but the one which … Continue reading

  • Oats idli

    Oats idli which is nutritious and healthy Indian breakfast, which tastes good and is a quick and instant breakfast. Now a days, life is so busy, everyone needs to cook something instant but healthy. Oats idli is made with instant oats and wheat rava (wheat semolina, Bombay rava), yoghurt and seasoning. To make this breakfast more nutritious and colourful, I added carrot and few peas but it is optional, you can add any vegetables you like or just plain. Oats in the form of porridge I didn’t like its taste but in the form of snack or Indian breakfast, I … Continue reading

  • Palak paratha (spinach paratha)

    Parathas are unleavened flat breads and one the most popular parathas in Indian cusine. Parathas are usually stuffed with any vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, potato, can stuff with cheese or paneer, or mince meat. A paratha simply can be eaten with spread of butter on top, with any pickle or chutney. I have made spinach(palak) and potato paratha with simple ingredients, so that we can taste only the vegetables not the spices. I have used wheat flour for the dough and used baby spinach, can use ordinary spinach. The method is the same as I have already shown you for … Continue reading

  • Masala dosa

    Masala dosa means a crispy plain dosa in which potato masala is stuffed and the dosa is folded from both sides, is masala dosa. In restaurants, you get chutney and sambar with masala dosa. But at home you can make according to your taste. From my childhood, whenever dosa is made, I preferred only masala dosa and the chutney my mother used to apply was ground nut chutney, but I preferred the raw onion chutney (can view both the recipes). Even at my grandparents house also, masala dosa is every ones favourite and I loved my mamis (aunty) dosa , … Continue reading

  • Idli

    Idlies are made with parboiled ponni rice or with idli rice in a special grinder (Indian mixer). Idli is a south Indian breakfast. It is served as a tiffin or as a snack. It can be eaten at any time. It is served with sambar (lentil dal), and chutney. Idli is made with the mixture of idli rice paste and urad dal paste and sometimes idli rava is used instead of idli rice. But ratio differs when we use rice or rice rava. In my grandmothers house , idli rava is used and the proportion is 2:1(idli rava:urad dal), even … Continue reading

  • Poori or puri

    Puri/poori is a very popular breakfast in India. In India , there are so many different forms of puri from various places like bhatura which is usually served with cholae masala, which is a full meal by itself, chola puri which is 3 times the size of normal puri or more bigger than that, then comes the mini puri which is used for pani puri and other chats. The normal puri which is made at our homes are made of wheat flour normally, but if you want can make from maida and wheat flour also by taking 1:1 ratio or … Continue reading

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