• Pomfret fish fry

    Fish fry is such a popular recipe that it is available every where near the shores and the restaurants. In Chennai, marina beach, if you visit, you can see the dewellers selling fish fry, with varities of fish. They give you bread to accompany it, but it is not needed, just like that can be eaten. The fish will be arranged neatly and it is marinated in the red paste (colour is added) and to see it is tempting. In Chennai for fish they call meen in tamil, each deweller will be shouting meen, to attract the customers. In resturants … Continue reading

  • Palak gosht karahi

    Palak gosht is very popular dish in north india and now a days you can see it in every north resturants like palak paneer, palak gosht is loved by non-vegeterians. This is spinach and mutton curry, which I made it by seeing it in TV show, when the chef from the resturant (fast food) was showing the preparation, but they did not reveal their real spices, I have tried myself and made it very delicious gravy. Even when you visit some resturants or dhabha, you can learn few things by seeing them what ingredients they are adding and can do … Continue reading

  • Basic curry (restaurant style)

    I have seen that the entire menu in the Indian restaurants in Britain including London have the same menu from starter to tandoori and curry. Not only in London, but all over Britain, wherever I have visited, the dishes are totally different from what you see in India. The popular ones in the British Indian curry houses are jalfrezi, bhuna, do piazza, rogan josh, vindaloo, madras and balti dishes. Mostly, they all taste the same with very minor differences. They are all made of onion and tomato mixture, with pretty much the same spices with just a very few ingredients … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry paste

    This authentic Thai red curry paste is famous for its Thai red curry. This Thai red curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. Can add any vegetables, fish, chicken and beef to make red curry with this red curry paste. Can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes. A famous curry is made with this red paste duck curry in Thailand. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir … Continue reading

  • Vegetable stew

    Stew is cooked with the vegetables or meat or chicken on simmer, low flame. So that the ingredients are well blended to give a delicious taste. Vegetable stew is a very famous dish in kerela and is served with famous Kerelan breakfast Appam (rice and coconut milk pancake). Vegetable stew is a mixture of mixed vegetables cooked in a coconut milk, flavoured with cardamom powder, which is delicious and easy to make also. In this vegetable stew no much spice are involved but yet it is so delicious, simple goes well with coconut appam or ordinary appam. I had this … Continue reading

  • Kacchi gosht ki biryani with saffron and dried rose petals (Mutton dum biryani)

    This mutton dum biryani is flavoured with whole spices, dried rose petals and saffron, which makes the biryani fragrant and delicious. In every house, the making style and spices used are different. Biryani can be made with prawns, chicken, mutton, vegetables and even fish. I learnt to make biryani from my mom, which I am sharing with you. My mom makes it a little less spicy, but I make it more spicy. I have made a lot of varieties in biryani and now I will like to share this one with you. This time I have made mutton biryani with … Continue reading

  • Spicy masala fish biryani

    Fish biryani like any other biryani would probably be everyones favourite dish. In this fish biryani recipe I have used ready made biryani masala, my own spices and made it a more masala type biryani. My other fish biryani recipe is quite similar in terms of cooking procedure but the ingredients are different. Fish biryani needs time and patience but the end result will be good. In every recipe I have said that it depends on your taste whether you want to make the biryani spicy or light. If you want this fish biryani to be light, then adjust the … Continue reading

  • Malabar fish biryani

    Fish Biryani is every ones favourite dish like any other mutton Biryani or chicken Biryani. Malabar Fish Biryani is similar how we cook in our house but slight changes are there. In Malabar muslim biryani they use coconut milk (optional), raisins and cashew nuts as this recipe was shared by our neighbour when we were in Coimbatore and they used to serve with pickle and raitha. Raisins, fried onions and cashew nuts were used as garnishing. I have used the same ingredients but not coconut milk, as some use and some not. In Malabar (Kerala) every one makes Biryani as … Continue reading

  • Chicken and potato biryani with lemon wedges

    Chicken Biryani with potato, dried prunes (alu bhikhara) or dried plums and lemon wedges is very unusual and different for us. In my Biryani, I have used dry fruits and nuts but never tried with potatoes and alu bukhara (dried prunes). I tasted this Biryani in london in a pakistani restaurant near my place and I was surprised to see that dried prune, which was giving me sweat and sour taste , I thought it to be tamarind , as it was having a tamarind type seed and in dark colour. Alu bukhara (dried prune) is a fruit which is … Continue reading

  • Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani

    Hyderabadi chicken Dum Biryani is one of the most popular biryanis in South India. Chicken Biryani is one of the most popular Indian rice recipes all around the globe. Chicken marinated with spices overnight and cooked on dum with 50% precooked basmati rice, which gives wonderful aroma and taste to the Hyderabadi chicken biryani. The chicken gets the direct heat from the flame and the rice is cooked with steam inside, the method of cooking, also known as Dum method. It is a lengthy and elaborate process but it is worth the effort for the delicious taste at the end. … Continue reading

  • Chilli chicken noodles

    Chilli chicken noodles are spicy and flavoured with roasted sesame oil (use the dark colour ones). I love the taste of sesame oil and so I use often in my most of the recipes, it gives additional taste. The oil which we use in Tamil Nadu is gingelly oil (nalla enna, raw sesame seeds), do not use that oil, its colour is in golden and light colour where as toasted sesame oil is used for Chinese recipes. I have used egg noodles or egg-less noodles for the chilli chicken; can use any noodles you have like rice noodles, Thai noodles … Continue reading

  • Egg and vegetable fried rice with oyster sauce

    Oyster sauce makes this fried rice quite different from other fried rice.You will find varieties of fried rice like egg fried rice, vegetable fried rice, prawns, chicken and mixed non-vegetarian fried rice, oyster sauce fried rice and many more. At the end of the day it is just mixing and matching your favourite ingredients to produce a fried rice you like. It is up to you whether you want to chop or shred the vegetables. You can use any vegetable you like – cabbage, beans, bean sprouts, mushroom, peas, etc. It is usually cooked in a wok but according to … Continue reading

  • Garlic chicken

    Garlic chicken is a very popular dish in India and is served in every restaurant. I have prepared this in an Indo-Chinese style, which is my favourite. As the name itself says garlic chicken, so lots of garlic goes but you can prepare it as per your taste. I have prepared many times with slight changes like adding vinegar and soya sauce and sometimes omitting it, which has given me every time new taste. Garlic chicken is very delicious and goes well with any fried rice or noodle dish. I have made this as saucy version (more of sauce) not … Continue reading

  • Egg and vegetable fried rice

    Vegetable fried rice is a popular Chinese food. But I have cooked it in a indo –Chinese style. You can have this with any side dish like chilli paneer or chicken Manchurian etc. you can use vegetables like carrot, cabbage, capsicum(any color), beans, beans sprout and peas if you like. In this you can add cooked chicken, prawns and eggs also like I have added in this recipe, vegeterians can use only vegetables. There are so many variations in vegetable fried rice; you can cook according to your tatse. Chinese food is cooked in a wok and at very high … Continue reading

  • Chicken chowmein

    Chow mien in Chinese mean stir fry noodles, there are variety of versions in it. Each time when ever I visit some Chinese street food, I learn by seeing them or in restaurants where from a glass, you can view what the chef is doing. My main purpose is to share the recipes which are good and tasty. In chow mien noodles, I have often seen egg noodles or eggless noodles, you can use rice or any noodles you have. Each place I get different taste and texture. In this chicken chow mien, I have stir fried the vegetables, noodles, … Continue reading

  • Fish cakes with ready made red curry paste

    Thai Fish cakes can be made with ready made red curry paste, but try to make it yourself, as food processor will do all the hard work for you. I bought this ready made red curry paste to make fish cakes as I suddenly desired to eat and want to know the difference between ready made and freshly home made red curry paste. The truth is freshly homemade are the best, but as a alternative we can use ready made red curry paste, during our lazy times and for a quick starter or appetizer. For the Thai fish cakes use … Continue reading

  • Nam prik pao

    Nam prik is a spicy chilli paste in oil or chilli sauce or like chilli jam consistency which is normally eaten as a condiment or dipping sauce for fried dishes and other vegetable dishes in Thailand . It is a spicy and sweet jam consistency chilli paste in oil. There are varieties of nam prik like nam prik pla too (chilli sauce with mackerel fish), nam prik pla raa (chilli sauce with fermented fish sauce), nam prik kaphi (chilli sauce with fermented shrimp paste), nam prik num (grilled green chilli paste) and many more are there, but the one which … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry paste

    This authentic Thai red curry paste is famous for its Thai red curry. This Thai red curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. Can add any vegetables, fish, chicken and beef to make red curry with this red curry paste. Can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes. A famous curry is made with this red paste duck curry in Thailand. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir … Continue reading

  • Tom yum gai soup with nam prik pao

    Tom yum gai is a chicken soup which is popular in Thailand. One of my favourite things to order at Thai restaurants is soups as they are always so vibrant, fresh and tasty! They are also really easy to make at home with exotic ingredients that you should be able to easily find at a local Asian grocery store or Thai store. This chicken soup balances spicy, sour, salty and sweet. This Thai chicken soup is different from my previous other soup as in this I have added most important in Tom yum soup for additional taste Nam prik poa (homemade), … Continue reading

  • Thai green chicken curry

    Thai green curry is one of the most popular curries in Thai cuisine. Thai green curry is prepared with Thai green curry paste and can use any vegetables you like, any meat like chicken, beef, fish, prawns. Traditionally Thai green chicken curry is prepared and only Thai egg plant (light green brinjal type) and Thai pea egg plant (pea size and colour) are used in preparing Thai green chicken curry. Can use mushroom, bamboo shoots and pumpkin, beans and other vegetables as per your taste. First prepare Thai green curry paste and keep it aside and then curry, which is … Continue reading

  • Aloo ka paratha stuffed with onions and amchur

    Aloo ka paratha is one of the most popular unleavened flat bread in our Indian cuisine. It is fried on a tawa with ghee or oil. Parathas are made with vegetables, dal, kheema (mince) or paneer. Aloo ka paratha is a very popular break-fast in north India. It is eaten with pickle or curd. In Delhi, there is a street called parathe wale gali (Street of parathas). I saw it in TV and was amazed by the number of variations in paratha. You can have it in the morning or any time you want. It is like a one pot … Continue reading

  • Sambar vada

    Sambar vada is a very popular south Indian breakfast. You can have it in the morning or in the evening. The crispy vadas are soaked in sambar to make it soft and juicy. It will absorb all the flavour of sambar. In Bangalore, sambar vada is served with some boondhi (made from besan batter) on top of it and very rarely chopped onion and grated carrot also. In Chennai we get these just soaked in sambar. It is very easy to make sambar vada. You can view my medhu vada recipe to make vadas. To make sambar vada we need … Continue reading

  • Khushboo idli

    Idli is the most popular south Indian breakfast. Khushboo idli is one more variety of idli and famous for its softness. It is spongy, fluffy and a little bigger than the usual idli. But for me the idli has to be soft and tasty for my breakfast. I tasted this in one of my friends place with coconut and tomato chutney. “Khushboo idli” seems to have named after the famous Tamil actress Khushboo, but I am not sure about this. The main ingredient in Khushboo idli is sago (javvarisi in Tamil, sabudana in Hindi). In recipe 1, I have prepared … Continue reading

  • Idli

    Idlies are made with parboiled ponni rice or with idli rice in a special grinder (Indian mixer). Idli is a south Indian breakfast. It is served as a tiffin or as a snack. It can be eaten at any time. It is served with sambar (lentil dal), and chutney. Idli is made with the mixture of idli rice paste and urad dal paste and sometimes idli rava is used instead of idli rice. But ratio differs when we use rice or rice rava. In my grandmothers house , idli rava is used and the proportion is 2:1(idli rava:urad dal), even … Continue reading

  • Idli made with idli rava (or idli sooji)

    Idli is a south Indian breakfast. Idli is one of my all time favourites. Idli is served as a tiffin or even as a snack. We can use idli rava (or idli sooji) for making idlis. It is easy to make and grind in a mixer. Its soft and smooth. It can be eaten at any time. It is usually served with sambar (lentil/dal) and chutney. But I like it with tangy fish curry, egg curry, egg korma or chicken korma, kara kuzhambu (tangy and spicy curry). You can eat idlis with even the idli podi. Idli is made with … Continue reading

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