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  • Lajawab shahi gosht biryani

    Lajawab shahi gosht ki biryani is a classic biryani, as this lamb biryani or gosht ki biryani is made with all rich ingredients like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, cream, ghee or butter and flavoured with rose water. In this biryani there is no use of tomatoes and the style of cooking is entirely different from other biryani. I liked this biryani very much as it is easy to make, not much spices are used and it is mild but very delicious, mouth-watering and flavoured biryani. I have taken boneless pieces of lamb but I always prefer to take with bones. … Continue reading

  • Potato masala for dosa

    This potato masala is specially made for dosa and puri. In south if you visit any restaurant, if you are asking for masala dosa or puri, then this potato masala is served. For dosa the potata masala should be little dry and for puri like curry type, gravy should be there. When I make this potato masala, I just don’t use it for dosa but also make bonda (fritter type stuffed with potato masala , a south Indian snack) , which is usually served in the evening in tea shops or in the resturants. It will be like vada which … Continue reading

  • Singapore style noodles with Oyster sauce

    In Singapore, you will find a huge variety of stir fry noodles, each with different taste and flavour. One among them is curry powder flavoured noodles with oyster sauce. Most of the Singapore noodles prepared are yellow in colour, which is due to the turmeric used in it. I have prepared my own curry powder for the noodles, which gave a different taste. You can use chicken, prawns or any meat you like, but I have seen a lot more of prawns in Singapore noodles. The Singapore noodles is made using rice noodles usually, but I have used maggi type … Continue reading

  • Beans poriyal

    Poriyal (stir fry), is a tamil word which is used in Chennai for fried vegetables which is shredded or chopped finely. It is a very important part of south meal. It is served as a side dish in 3 course meal which is served with plain rice, sambar, rasam and curd. When you go to any restaurant in Chennai, and order for meals during lunchtime, you will see that rice, puri and side dishes with curd and pickle is served. With that side dish poriyal is served. Grated or shredded coconut is added at the end as a dressing and … Continue reading

  • Butter Chicken

    Butter chicken is a very popular dish in India and lots of other countries. Butter chicken can be cooked in many variations and it depends what taste you like. You can find this in every restaurant in India and in Indian restaurants in other countries. In this recipe, chicken is marinated with spices and cooked in oven or pan and then added to a gravy made with tomato puree, spices, cream and ofcourse, butter. I came across a recipe of butter chicken in some magazine or newspaper (I do not remember), when I was doing my college studies. I tried … Continue reading

  • Curry leaves chutney with dry coconut

    Chutneys play an important role in food meal. It is an integral part of our meal, without this, the meal becomes incomplete. There are varieties of chutneys which are sour , sweat and spicy. Each of them play a important role in enhancing the flavour and taste. For instance, tamarind chutney is very important for chats and snacks, coriander chutney is a must in pokodas and other snacks etc. each chutney is different from the other chutney. some chutneys can be preserved like pickle and some has to be eaten within 2 to 3 days. Most Indian dishes are accompanied … Continue reading

  • Raw mango and coriander chutney

    Mango and coriander chutney is very easy to make and different from other chutneys as in this no lemon juice or tamarind is needed as mango itself is very sour. No roasting also needed. Every body makes it differently but I like this way. This mango and coriander chutney goes well with snacks and chat items also. Sometimes I add in the bhel puri also for a change , instead of hari chutney(green chutney) which is made from mint and coriander leaves. With this chutney you can make bread sandwhich also, apply on bread and then keep some slices of … Continue reading

  • Mumbai grilled sandwich

    A healthy vegetarian Mumbai toasted vegetable sandwich, nearly found in every street-corner, train station, bus stop, college, school and near beach, with colourful vegetables and with melting cheese or without it, tastes delicious and a quick snack. Mumbai or Bombay sandwich consists of slices of soft white bread, butter, off course green chutney applied on it, without it, it is an incomplete Bombay sandwich, filled with all kinds if fresh vegetables and cheese, this can be served untoasted or toasted. I have toasted the bread with cheese and without cheese, both tasted good. The cheese melting inside the bread with … Continue reading

  • Badami gosht pasanda

    Pasanda is a popular north Indian dish. Pasanda is generally made with leg of meat, which is flattened in to strips, marinated and cooked with other spices. Now a day’s pasanda is prepared with chicken, fish and prawns also. The same dish prepared with badam (almond) is known as badami pasanda. This is often served with white rice or naan. Pasanda also refers to a mild curry which is cooked with cream, coconut milk or with almonds paste. For vegetarians, paneer can be used. I have flattened the mutton pieces with a wooden masher, can see in the picture. In … Continue reading

  • Gongura chicken

    Gongura with mutton or gongura dal or gongura chutney (pachadi) is a very popular Andhra dishes. In vegetarian meal you will find gongura dal or gongura pachadi(chutney) and in non-vegetarian gongura mutton or gongura mamsam and gongura prawns is popular but other than these dishes, in gongura there is a very popular dish which we serve it at our homes , its name is khatti bhaji aur boti ka saalan(gongura with intestine of goat). It is very popular in our places like Guntakal, Anantapur and other places. It is very popular in our homes and our relations also, as any … Continue reading

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