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  • Shami kebab (or Shamia)

    Shami kebab a famous kebab among other varieties of kebab and very popular in India and Pakistan cuisine. In our home we call it as shamia , it is very soft, delicate and easily melts in your mouth. Shami kebab is made with chana dal (Bengal gram) and mutton/lamb mince or pieces. It is a combination of dal and meat. Each house has its own recipe of kebab, with slight changes in spices. In India, shami kebab is made of lamb meat, where as in Pakistan it is made of beef also. In our home, we call it shamia. It … Continue reading

  • Chicken liver masala fry

    This is another fry masala , in which I have used all the basic spices and fried it. A drizzle of lemon juice will make it more tasty. you can see my other related recipes of chicken liver. Ingredients Oil – 2 to 3tbsp Chicken liver – 200gms Chilli powder – 1tsp Pepper powder – 1/2tsp Crushed chilli powder – 1/2tsp Ginger and garlic paste – 11/2tsp Salt as per taste Cumin powder -1tsp Green chillies – 2 Lemon juice –1 tbsp Coriander leaves – 2tbsp or few roughly chopped Method First wash the chicken liver properly and strain it. … Continue reading

  • South Indian style mint chutney

    This chutney is different as it has a mustardy flavour and taste which is grounded with mint and other ingredients. This chutney is famous in Chennai, as when I visit restaurants and order idly or dosa you get this chutney with other chutney. I get that mustardy taste flavour in the mint chutney. If you are going to Murugun hotel in Chennai, you get 3 to 4 varieties of chutneys which taste good and I love it. With the same ingredients you can make coriander chutney. You can alter with the chillies; you can use both green and dry red … Continue reading

  • Drumsticks and brinjal sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

    Drumstick is a common vegetable which we can use in sambar. This time I have prepared sambar using brinjal, drumstick, ladies finger and ofcourse my favourite sambar onions (kunjili onions or shallots). In this sambar recipe, I did tadka (seasoning) first, then boiled the vegetables, added the boiled dal and then freshly ground powder (masala). If you want you can do tadka right at the end. In this sambar recipe, I have roasted spices and ground them into a powder for special taste and aroma. It depends on you whether to reduce chillies or not. In my other recipes I … Continue reading

  • Tangy mutton and ladies finger curry (Bhindi aur gosht ka khatta saalan)

    We call this mutton and ladies finger curry as bhindi aur gosht ka khatta saalan, as it is cooked in tamarind sauce. This is one more variety of curry in which mutton and vegetables are cooked together. If you do not like tamarind, then you can avoid it and cook with other ingredients. We call the gravy which is cooked with mutton or fish as mittah saalan(without tamarind) and khatta saalan (with tamarind). These are the base curry names if we add any vegetables with meat. For example we call aloo aur gosht ka mittah saalan (potato and mutton curry … Continue reading

  • Shahi durbari paneer pasanda

    Shahi durbari paneer pasanda is made with a very rich gravy made with almonds and cashew nuts paste and cream. This gravy is a little different from the one I detailed in pudina wale paneer pasanda recipe. Almonds paste, boiled onion paste, cream being some additions and mint leaves and pepper powder being some deletions. Shahi durbari paneer pasanda is a very delectable dish made with stuffed and fried paneer in the smooth, rich, aromatic and delicious sauce (curry). Paneer pasanda is generally very popular vegetarian dish and served in the restaurants. Pasanda in Hindi means liking. The original name … Continue reading

  • Sarson ka saag

    Saag means any green leaf based dish which is made in India and Pakistan. Saag is a mustard leaf or spinach or any green leaf based dish, which is very popular in India and Pakistan. Sarson ka saag, palak paneer, saag aloo is a very popular Punjabi north Indian dish. sarson ka saag is made with green mustard leaves, and served with makki ki roti (cornmeal roti), with a dollop of butter on it. I tasted this first time in a dhabha in delhi, where it was served with sarson ka saag and makki ki roti with a dollop of … Continue reading

  • Oats and herbs idli

    Oats and herbs idli which is different from original idli, as in this oats is added for nutritious and healthy Indian breakfast which is tasty and is a quick and instant breakfast. Now a days, life is so busy, every one needs to cook something instant but healthy. Oats idli is one option. Oats idli is made with instant oats and wheat rava (wheat semolina, Bombay rava), yoghurt and seasoning. To make this breakfast more colourful, I added few herbs like dill leaves, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Oats in the form of porridge I didn’t like its taste but … Continue reading

  • Chicken Biryani

    The word biryani is derived from the Persian word beryan, which means roasted and fried. It is usually the mix of rice, few spices and meat or vegetables. Biryani was brought to India by Persian travellers and merchants. This dish is not only popular in India, but also in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Srilanka and Mauritius. In every house, the making style and spices used are different. Biryani can be made with prawns, chicken, mutton, vegetables and even fish. I learnt this biryani from my Mom, which I am sharing with you. I am making this biryani with more spicy than … Continue reading

  • Ven pongal or kara pongal

    Ven pongal/kara pongal is a very popular breakfast in restaurants or at home in south India. Tamil kara pongal recipe is popularly called ven pongal. ven pongal is very easy to make and this is one of the dish that I always see serving in banana leaves in marriages. In each house and other places, pongal is prepared differently. In Karnataka, the pongal I tasted at my friend’s house and restaurant’s is entirely different, as dry coconut or fresh coconut and turmeric powder is added and is served with tamarind based sauce called gojju. The best pongal I tasted was … Continue reading

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