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  • Hummus

    Hummus, a very popular Middle Eastern dip that is used as an appetizer and served with pita bread. Hummus is a creamy puree of chickpeas and tahini (sesame seed paste) seasoned with lemon juice and garlic, and is a popular dip and spread in Middle East. It is popular throughout the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa, Morocco, and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. Hummus can be served as part of a meze platter; with bread for dipping; as spread or filling for pita bread; or in sandwiches. It is served as a snack or starter or appetizer or … Continue reading

  • Dahi papdi chaat

    Dahi papdi chaat one more very popular chaat in India and is loved by all from kids to elders. Dahi papdi chaat made from Crispy puris covered with yoghurt, topped with spices and sweet and tangy chutney with other ingredients which gives us different flavour and taste from crunchy bite of papdis to softness of the yoghurt and from tangy and sweetness from the chutneys and spiciness from the spices. Preparing dahi papdi chaat is very easy just assembling the ingredients on each papdi, as per your liking, which you have prepared earlier. The ingredients which we have to prepare … Continue reading

  • Drumstick leaves rasam and poriyal

    Drumstick leaves are my favourite leaves among greens as it has a good and valuable source of vitamin C, proteins, iron and potassium. it has a very high medicinal values. For pregnant ladies it is a good food. If you want drumstick leaves in London you can get it in south Indian areas or any Srilankan shops, I have seen in East ham, Wembely and Hounslow in south Indian shops or Srilankan shops. Drumstick leaves are widely used in southern part of india. In every individual houses you can see drumstick leaves or where there are very thin streets you … Continue reading

  • Spicy tomato chutney

    This chutney is spicy and sour, it gives a different taste. it can be eaten with rice also. My mother she always prepares this chutney when we have aloo ka paratha, guntapanalu, idli and dosa. This chutney is different from other chutneys , as in this roasting is not done but it is cooked like any gravy or curry. This chutney can be prepared from fresh tomatoes or tinned plum tomatoes or tinned chopped tomatoes. This chutney includes lots of garlic also, so this chutney can be called as garlicy tomato chutney. Ingredients Chilli powder – 1 tbsp Salt – … Continue reading

  • Okra and shallots sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

    Sambar is of two types, one is freshly ground and other is just using sambar powder with other spices. If it is in Chennai, drumsticks, sambar onions, brinjal are used mostly in sambar. If it is in Bangalore, the sambar will be in reddish colour and jaggery is added for sweetness – same in Andhra and Kerela. The taste differs, but method and vegetables used are same. The sambar is made of toor dal, which is boiled and added to the boiled vegetables and roasted powder. Finally tadka is done. There is no order to be followed – you can … Continue reading

  • Medhu vada

    Medhu vada is a very popular break fast in south india. Medhu vada is served with sambar and coconut chutney. It is like a doughnut shape but taste differs. Medhu vada is made with urad dal, which is soaked in water for few hrs, then ground to a thick paste and then fried in deep oil. Deep oil means the oil should be more so that when vada is fried , it should be immersed nicely, not shallow fry. In hotels especially in south India you get sambar vada (vada soaked in sambar), rasam vada (vada soaked in rasam), curd … Continue reading

  • Tandoori chicken biryani

    After seeing this on one of the restaurant menus, I thought I will try preparing this tandoori chicken biryani. In restaurants, now-a-days, we get all varieties of biryani – Mughal and Tandoori style – both with chicken and tiger prawns. Preparation of these are the same and only the spices differ. It is up to you whether you want to make a really spicy or less spicy biryani. I have used ready made chicken tandoori masala to marinate chicken among other spices. If you want, you can use chicken tikka masala powder as well instead of tandoori chicken masala. We … Continue reading

  • Cauliflower pakoda

    Cauliflower Pokada is one of my favourite snacks and I cook it whenever I crave for it. Pokada is an important snack in India as a street food and it is eaten mostly evening times, served in newspaper as a plate or disposable plates with chutneys. During rainy times, the first thing in mind comes for the hot tea and hot Pokadas. Pokadas can be of varieties like Onion Pokada, Cashew Pokada , Cauliflower Pokada and many more. Cauliflower Pokada has to be crispy. Pokadas is prepared at home or can be bought from the shops in the evening. Pokada … Continue reading

  • Thai green curry paste

    This authentic Thai green curry paste is famous for its Thai green curry. This Thai green curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. You can add any vegetable, fish, chicken or beef to make green curry with this green curry paste. You can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes using this paste. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, green chillies, shrimp paste (kapi), galangal and … Continue reading

  • Oats idli

    Oats idli which is nutritious and healthy Indian breakfast, which tastes good and is a quick and instant breakfast. Now a days, life is so busy, everyone needs to cook something instant but healthy. Oats idli is made with instant oats and wheat rava (wheat semolina, Bombay rava), yoghurt and seasoning. To make this breakfast more nutritious and colourful, I added carrot and few peas but it is optional, you can add any vegetables you like or just plain. Oats in the form of porridge I didn’t like its taste but in the form of snack or Indian breakfast, I … Continue reading

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