• Potato and biscuit cutlet

    Potato and biscuit cutlet is one of my childhood memories, I still remember, when I am back from school, I used to get this potato cutlet, which is sweet and spicy but not much when I started eating spicy food. During my school days, in holidays, I started making cutlets, just helping mother in peeling, mashing potato, mixing and making round shape cutlet. I used to enjoy in the kitchen and my mom used to fry and give it to me, as it was hot oil. And now aim doing for my son. Whenever we are with children we need … Continue reading

  • Butter chicken with almonds

    Butter chicken is a very popular dish in India and lots of other countries. Butter chicken can be cooked in many variations and it depends what taste you like. You can find this in every restaurant in India and in Indian restaurants in other countries. In this recipe, chicken is marinated with spices and cooked in oven or pan and then added to a gravy made with tomato puree, spices, cream and ofcourse, butter. This butter chicken recipe is different from the other one, as in this one almond, cashew nut paste and honey are added, which gives a different … Continue reading

  • Thengai pottukadalai chutney / Coconut and roasted gram chutney

    Coconut and roasted gram chutney is a south Indian chutney, which is served with idli and dosa or any south Indian breakfast/snack. The roasted gram is also called roasted chanadal, split gram, putanae/putanalu in Telugu and pottukadalai in Tamil. This coconut and roasted gram chutney (thengai pottukadalai chutney) is quick and easy to prepare and is common in south India. I have used fresh grated coconut, which goes well with the roasted gram. Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 7 mins Cuisine: South Indian Serves: 2 Spiciness: Medium Ingredients Fresh coconut (grated) – 1/4 cup Roasted gram (split gram) – … Continue reading

  • Badami gosht pasanda

    Pasanda is a popular north Indian dish. Pasanda is generally made with leg of meat, which is flattened in to strips, marinated and cooked with other spices. Now a day’s pasanda is prepared with chicken, fish and prawns also. The same dish prepared with badam (almond) is known as badami pasanda. This is often served with white rice or naan. Pasanda also refers to a mild curry which is cooked with cream, coconut milk or with almonds paste. For vegetarians, paneer can be used. I have flattened the mutton pieces with a wooden masher, can see in the picture. In … Continue reading

  • Shahi paneer malai kofta

    Shahi paneer malai kofta is a rich creamy dish with aromatic spices as in this paneer, cream, nuts, some aromatic spices also go. Malai kofta is a mughlai dish, and is very famous and popular in north India. This malai kofta is different from my other recipe as in the stuffing I have used more of grated paneer, mint and nuts fried in butter, which is why shahi (rich). I have added kesar (saffron) colour in the flour to give that extra colour, which makes different from my previous malai kofta. In this I have used mint leaves and for … Continue reading

  • Bombay chicken biryani

    Bombay chicken biryani is a famous and incredible biryani from Mumbai. I tasted the Bombay chicken biryani first time in one of my friends house. It was delicious and words cannot describe the taste. I was delighted because the biryani was spicy, sour and even sweet because of plums (alu bhukhara). It tasted very delicious and was entirely different from our usual biryani as it has potato, chicken and alu bhukara (dry plums). But my another friend who is also from Mumbai said she does not add potatoes nor alu bhukara (dry plums) in the Bombay chicken biryani. Every one … Continue reading

  • Lajawab shahi gosht biryani

    Lajawab shahi gosht ki biryani is a classic biryani, as this lamb biryani or gosht ki biryani is made with all rich ingredients like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, cream, ghee or butter and flavoured with rose water. In this biryani there is no use of tomatoes and the style of cooking is entirely different from other biryani. I liked this biryani very much as it is easy to make, not much spices are used and it is mild but very delicious, mouth-watering and flavoured biryani. I have taken boneless pieces of lamb but I always prefer to take with bones. … Continue reading

  • Hyderabadi mutton dum biryani

    Hyderabadi lamb/mutton dum biryani is a very famous and imperial dish among the rice dishes. Hyderabadi lamb/mutton dum biryani is a one pot dish which is made by cooking meat and rice together on a slow flame. Hyderabadi mutton biryani is usually prepared for special occasions or whenever you desire for it. I have prepared this Hyderabadi lamb biryani as per my taste and with my home made biryani masala. The lamb biryani is full of flavour when cooked with home made biryani masala. The method I used for this lamb biryani is kacche gosht ki biryani style. This means … Continue reading

  • Spicy masala fish biryani

    Fish biryani like any other biryani would probably be everyones favourite dish. In this fish biryani recipe I have used ready made biryani masala, my own spices and made it a more masala type biryani. My other fish biryani recipe is quite similar in terms of cooking procedure but the ingredients are different. Fish biryani needs time and patience but the end result will be good. In every recipe I have said that it depends on your taste whether you want to make the biryani spicy or light. If you want this fish biryani to be light, then adjust the … Continue reading

  • Prawns biryani with dill leaves and dried prunes

    Prawns Biryani (Jhinga biryani) one more delicacy and my husband’s favourite sea food. In this Biryani, I have used dill leaves (soya leaves), which has a very sweat fragrant and taste. You can add any spices you like and can make Biryani according to your taste and follow other Biryani recipes which I have shown you. Prawns Biryani is a rich rice dish cooked with basmati rice with fresh prawns. This is also a very popular dish in India. I have used medium size king prawns, you can use small size prawns also. In this I added prawns at last … Continue reading

  • American chopsuey

    American chopsuey is a famous and most common dish available in Chinese restaurants in India. The combination of crispy noodles, crunchy vegetables and meat with sauce and egg makes very tasty and appetizing as a popular Indo-Chinese dish. The sauce made for the crunchy noodles is sour and sweet and goes well with our crunchy vegetables and crunchy noodles. American chopsuey is not an authentic Chinese dish but is an American dish (western side) which was modified by the Chinese restaurateurs to suit their taste. The same way I think our Indian restaurateurs changed the recipe as per Indian taste … Continue reading

  • Singapore style noodles with Oyster sauce

    In Singapore, you will find a huge variety of stir fry noodles, each with different taste and flavour. One among them is curry powder flavoured noodles with oyster sauce. Most of the Singapore noodles prepared are yellow in colour, which is due to the turmeric used in it. I have prepared my own curry powder for the noodles, which gave a different taste. You can use chicken, prawns or any meat you like, but I have seen a lot more of prawns in Singapore noodles. The Singapore noodles is made using rice noodles usually, but I have used maggi type … Continue reading

  • Chicken and vegetable hakka noodles

    Chicken Hakka noodles or chicken Hakka chow mien popularly known dish in indo-Chinese cuisine. This chicken Hakka noodles or chicken chow Mein noodles is very easy to make, only in vegetables cutting time is needed, otherwise it’s easy. Though it is chicken Hakka noodles I have added more of vegetables, as I love to have both chicken and vegetables, but you can add more chicken as per your taste. Now days, chopped Chinese vegetables are available in super markets, which saves more time in cutting. The main vegetables which we see often are carrot, beans, cabbage, capsicum and beansprouts. Now … Continue reading

  • Chicken lollipops

    This is a Chinese appitizer and it is made from chicken wings. To give a lollipop shape, pull the thin layer of flesh and pull the flesh to the other end of the thick bone and make like a lollipop. You can ask your butcher to do it or is readily available in some markets. In chicken lollipop you can add your own spices also and can make according to your taste. this is a dry form dish and it is eaten as a starter or any time you want. I will call my chicken lollipop as a Indo-Chinese chicken … Continue reading

  • Singapore style curried noodles

    In Singapore you will find variety of stir fry noodles, each has different taste and different flavour. One among them is curry powder flavoured noodles. Most of the Singapore noodles prepared are in yellow colour which has turmeric in it. I have prepared my own curry powder for the noodles which gave different taste. You can use chicken, prawns or any meat you like but I have seen more of prawns. The noodles used are rice noodles but you can use any noodles you have. Noodles can be stir fried or prepared with little soupy type. You can use any … Continue reading

  • Chicken soup with curry powder

    This chicken soup flavoured with curry powder is a mixture of Indian spices and Thai ingredients like coriander roots, coconut milk and fresh Thai chilli. The cooking is in Thai style. You can also call this as a fusion soup a fusion of ingredients from Indian and Thai cuisines. This soup is so unique and tasty and made with simple ingredients which are widely available in the market. This soup is spicy, sour and sweet. This soup can be prepared with prawns or meat balls or just vegetarian. I have used coconut milk powder for the coconut milk but if … Continue reading

  • Tom yum gai soup with nam prik pao

    Tom yum gai is a chicken soup which is popular in Thailand. One of my favourite things to order at Thai restaurants is soups as they are always so vibrant, fresh and tasty! They are also really easy to make at home with exotic ingredients that you should be able to easily find at a local Asian grocery store or Thai store. This chicken soup balances spicy, sour, salty and sweet. This Thai chicken soup is different from my previous other soup as in this I have added most important in Tom yum soup for additional taste Nam prik poa (homemade), … Continue reading

  • Thai red chicken curry

    Thai red chicken curry which is hot and spicy but can be made mild by reducing chillies. Thai red chicken curry can be prepared as the same method as green chicken curry. The difference is I have used with bones in red curry can use boneless pieces. This curry was hot for me, so I have added sugar and coconut milk more and lemon juice at the end. With this red curry paste can prepare tradional red curry with pumpkin, duck, beef and other vegetables. I have prepared this with red curry paste. My red curry paste will not be … Continue reading

  • Thai fish cakes

    Fish cakes are traditionally made in Thailand and is still popular among thai people and other countries in the world. Although there are many recipes for fish cakes but can try this authentic thai fish cakes as it is easy to prepare and has exotic flavours. Fish cakes are served as a snack or starter with a dip called ar-jard(cucumber relish) or sweet chilli sauce. For the fish lovers, can try this mouth watering snack or appetizer. To make fish cakes we need any white firm fish like sea bass, tilapia, cod, haddock, coley, ling and any more but sometimes … Continue reading

  • Fish cakes with ready made red curry paste

    Thai Fish cakes can be made with ready made red curry paste, but try to make it yourself, as food processor will do all the hard work for you. I bought this ready made red curry paste to make fish cakes as I suddenly desired to eat and want to know the difference between ready made and freshly home made red curry paste. The truth is freshly homemade are the best, but as a alternative we can use ready made red curry paste, during our lazy times and for a quick starter or appetizer. For the Thai fish cakes use … Continue reading

  • Uttapam

    Uttapam is a thick dosa fried with few vegetables in it. It is like a thick pan cake. You can call it as an Indian pizza also. In this you can use any batter which is used for making dosa. I have given you already idli recipe and dosa recipe also, from which you can use it for dosa and also uttapam. Idli /dosa can be made from idli rice, parboiled ponni rice, ponni raw rice, with variations with each rice variety; it gives different taste and also the softness, when it is grounded with urad dal. Dosa will be … Continue reading

  • Poori or puri

    Puri/poori is a very popular breakfast in India. In India , there are so many different forms of puri from various places like bhatura which is usually served with cholae masala, which is a full meal by itself, chola puri which is 3 times the size of normal puri or more bigger than that, then comes the mini puri which is used for pani puri and other chats. The normal puri which is made at our homes are made of wheat flour normally, but if you want can make from maida and wheat flour also by taking 1:1 ratio or … Continue reading

  • Potato masala for poori or puri

    Puri and aloo masala curry is a very famous breakfast in south India. The aloo masala is same as it is served for dosa, but for puri the aloo masala is like curry/gravy, whereas for dosa it is thick and dry type, as it has to be stuffed inside the dosa. I am having this combination of puri and aloo, from my childhood and it is made especially when we are at home and in our school holidays. In my family every one, whether it is in Chennai or Andhra, I have seen this aloo masala curry is made in … Continue reading

  • Pav bhaji masala dosa

    Pav bhaji masala dosa, I call it as a chat dosa as it is spicy, sour and tangy. In this I have used the green chutney (hari chutney), chat masala (ready made) and other ingredients. You can add any masala stuffing for the dosa you like; I have tried with chola masala, kheema masala, chicken masala, mushroom masala. In the restaurants you see different types of dosa, it is nothing but when you add butter it becomes butter dosa, when ghee added ghee roast dosa, if chicken then chicken masala dosa, so now I made it with pav bhaji masala, … Continue reading

  • Idli

    Idlies are made with parboiled ponni rice or with idli rice in a special grinder (Indian mixer). Idli is a south Indian breakfast. It is served as a tiffin or as a snack. It can be eaten at any time. It is served with sambar (lentil dal), and chutney. Idli is made with the mixture of idli rice paste and urad dal paste and sometimes idli rava is used instead of idli rice. But ratio differs when we use rice or rice rava. In my grandmothers house , idli rava is used and the proportion is 2:1(idli rava:urad dal), even … Continue reading

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