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  • Mughlai gosht biryani

    Mughlai biryani is a special biryani, which you can make on special occasions. Mughlai biryani is different from my other biryani recipes and tastes different and delicious. Mughlai biryani – the name itself suggests that it belongs to the Mughlai cuisine, which comes from the cuisine of Mughal kingdom and is popular in northern India. The Mughlai cuisine is generally mild in taste, full of aroma and rich ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, clarified butter, saffron and cream. In this Mughlai biryani, I have used almonds (badam), saffron threads (kesar), ghee (clarified butter), single cream and ofcourse spices to make … Continue reading

  • Chicken pad thai

    Pad Thai is a stir fry noodle with fish sauce, chicken or prawns, lime juice, tamarind paste and vegetables, very famous as a street food in Thailand and is served with Thai condiments (crushed peanuts, chives, pickled turnip, coriander leaves, lime, spicy chili oil, chili powder, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar or palm sugar). In pad Thai, fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, tamarind paste, peanuts are very important but every one cooks differently as per their taste. I have adopted my recipes as per my taste and by seeing the chefs and the street vendors cooking pad Thai. The vendors mostly … Continue reading

  • Palak gosht karahi

    Palak gosht is very popular dish in north india and now a days you can see it in every north resturants like palak paneer, palak gosht is loved by non-vegeterians. This is spinach and mutton curry, which I made it by seeing it in TV show, when the chef from the resturant (fast food) was showing the preparation, but they did not reveal their real spices, I have tried myself and made it very delicious gravy. Even when you visit some resturants or dhabha, you can learn few things by seeing them what ingredients they are adding and can do … Continue reading

  • Chicken hot and sour soup

    Chicken hot and sour soup, an indo Chinese, the most famous, one of my favourite soup and very popular in every restaurant. chicken hot and sour soup, which is spicy and sour, can be prepared easily and quick at home, if preparation is done earlier. Chicken hot and sour soup my favourite, it has to be hot and sour. For any soup we need a good stock and the taste of soup depends on it. You can prepare stock at home or store bought or just you can use the stock cube. I have prepared this soup spicy, sour and … Continue reading

  • Malabar fish biryani

    Fish Biryani is every ones favourite dish like any other mutton Biryani or chicken Biryani. Malabar Fish Biryani is similar how we cook in our house but slight changes are there. In Malabar muslim biryani they use coconut milk (optional), raisins and cashew nuts as this recipe was shared by our neighbour when we were in Coimbatore and they used to serve with pickle and raitha. Raisins, fried onions and cashew nuts were used as garnishing. I have used the same ingredients but not coconut milk, as some use and some not. In Malabar (Kerala) every one makes Biryani as … Continue reading

  • Kacchi mirch ki dal (green chillies dal)

    Kacchi mirchi ki dal is very popular in our sides that is in my grandmas place anantapur, guntakal and other places (Andhra side). We use mostly toor dal, if we are making any dal for rice. With that dal we make varities of dal like tomato dal, katti dal (sour dal), mango dal, palak dal(spinach dal), methi dal(fenugreek dal), kaddu dal ( orange pumpkin) and many more. Soon I will show you these recipes. In this dal lot of green chillies goes and that’s why this dal is known as kacchi mirch ki dal. Sometimes I add tamarind paste or … Continue reading

  • Sukha chicken wrap

    Wraps are great for taking out as a lunch or picnic or as a meal at any time. There was some sukha chicken (semi chicken fry) left over and I had few tortilla wraps, so thought of making hot and spicy chicken wraps with chilli sauce and mint mayonnaise which I bought it from one of the food festival. At home if there are any left overs like chutnies, chicken or lamb or vegetables or salad, you can make any wraps with your left over chapattis (rotis) or tortillas or naan also. Chicken sukha is a dry masala chicken, which … Continue reading

  • Meen pollichathu with kokum

    Meen pollichattu is an authentic kerelan dish. This dish is cooked in many ways with different spices in each house and in restaurants. This is one of my favourite fish dish among others, it is good when friends or relatives come home, and you can prepare with one fillet for each person, as a proportion. When the banana wrap is opened it is full of flavour with the fish and banana leaf. The fish usually used is pearl spot fish (karimeen) but I have used pomfret fish. In meen pollichattu fish is fried and then wrapped in banana leaf with … Continue reading

  • Bang bang chicken salad

    Bang bang chicken traditionally means pounding the chicken to make it tender. In bang bang chicken, the main ingredient is peanut sauce, served with rice vermicelli or mung bean noodles. The ingredients in the bang bang chicken (Chinese) are similar to goda goda salad which is from Indonesian cuisine. This bang bang chicken can be served hot or cold. In the bang bang chicken salad, I have used simple boiled chicken, you can boil the chicken with some spring onion and ginger pieces or can fry it like me with pepper and dry chilli flakes. You can shred the chicken … Continue reading

  • Indian style baked sea bass

    Indian style baked sea bass – I got this idea when I was watching some English food show in which fish was baked with breadcrumbs in aluminium foil. So I thought of baking the fish with Indian spices in aluminium foil. The fish was so moist and juicy after baking, you will really like it. You can add your own ingredients in this. In this you can use ordinary onion also and while adding mustard seeds, you can add dry chillies and curry leaves and even other ingredients. I have used sea bass in this recipe. You can use pomfret … Continue reading

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