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  • Chilli chicken noodles

    Chilli chicken noodles are spicy and flavoured with roasted sesame oil (use the dark colour ones). I love the taste of sesame oil and so I use often in my most of the recipes, it gives additional taste. The oil which we use in Tamil Nadu is gingelly oil (nalla enna, raw sesame seeds), do not use that oil, its colour is in golden and light colour where as toasted sesame oil is used for Chinese recipes. I have used egg noodles or egg-less noodles for the chilli chicken; can use any noodles you have like rice noodles, Thai noodles … Continue reading

  • Fish fry with curry leaves

    As I have said in my previous recipes that there are varieties of fish fry among them is fish fry with curry leaves. I always try to make variations in fry or curry, to have a different taste. this recipe is from my aunty ,mother in laws side, I took this recipe from her and tried at my home. You can fry it on tava or shallow fry or deep fry the fish. Fish fry is very popular dish and cooked in varieties also. Each house has their own recipe of fish fry. You can take any fish for fry … Continue reading

  • Lajawab chicken biryani

    Lajawab chicken biryani means unequalled or incredible biryani. This chicken biryani when eaten at my home, only one word comes lajawab, incredible taste which is from my home which is very delicious and tasty, made with simple spices and easy to cook. I have eaten this chicken biryani from my childhood and I am sharing this chicken biryani with you. This chicken biryani is made by grandma, passed on to my mother and now it’s me who is preparing for my family. This chicken biryani is always prepared when some special guests arrive or special day or party or on … Continue reading

  • Hara masala murg

    Hara masala murg is a masala kind of dish, made of mint and coriander leaves paste. The name hara masala itself says that curry is made of herbs and other ingredients. This dish has little gravy, which goes well with pulav, jeera rice and thin rotis (rumali roti) and naan. Can make this dish with ghee or butter, but I have used oil and butter. I have used mint leaves and coriander leaves, either equal amount or can add more coriander leaves and less mint leaves too. Ingredients Chicken (boneless) – 350 to 400 gms Paste Green chillies – 4 … Continue reading

  • Vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls

    Vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls are so delicious that they are healthy and very easy to make. The rice papers are softened when dipped in warm water or cold water, just for few seconds and used as wrappers for our tasty, crunchy and delicious prawn rice paper roll. The prawn rice paper roll is filled with soft rice noodles, crunchy vegetables and lots of herbs, which makes it very healthy Vietnamese paper roll. They are plain to taste but when dipped in the spicy peanut or fish sauce or soya sauce or any sauce, gives a very good taste and … Continue reading

  • Herring fish curry

    Herring fish is similar like sardine, often people get confused for sardine and herring fish. When they are young and small, these fish are called as sardine and when they are older and big they are called as herring fish. Herring fish is not as popular as sardine. Can get from any local fish mongers or in super stores. I got this from tesco, very fresh fish. I love to try different types of fish and their taste. The only problem with this fish is bones, can view in the picture it has lots of tiny bones, can debone the … Continue reading

  • Appam

    Appam another famous south Indian breakfast very popular in Chennai and Kerala. Appam has a thin and crispy edge but thick and soft centre. The ingredients which go into appam are different from house to house and also state to state like in Kerala and Chennai. I got this recipe from one of my friend, which I felt it is easy and tasted good. Appam goes well with mutton or chicken korma, chicken or mutton stew, vegetable Stew, Kadala curry, Chutney or Sambar and the best part is with coconut milk (Sugar and Green Cardamom powder). I sometimes eat this … Continue reading

  • Sukha murg (semi dry chicken fry)

    Chicken sukha is a dry masala chicken, which goes well with plain rice, any dal, rasam or chapathi (roti) . In the chicken sukha, it is up to you, can add onions or not. I have added onions, but I have cooked with the same ingredients without onions also. As in this dish, frying and roasting is involved I have used oil in between cooking. It is very easy to cook, simple ingredients, spicy and delicious. I have cooked the chicken with bones and boneless, as per my taste. For journeys or picnic, I cook boneless and do not add … Continue reading

  • Fish biryani with dill leaves

    Like any other biryani, fish biryani also tastes very good. In my previous recipes chicken and mutton biryani, I have tried to explain how to cook it. From those recipes also, you can prepare fish biryani. But you have to be very careful, while cooking fish biryani, as fish is very delicate. This time I have used different spices for fish biryani. It is spicy and with a different flavour and taste also is quite different. This is because, I have added dill leaves or soya leaves, you can see it in the picture also. I always cook any food … Continue reading

  • Kofta ka saalan

    Meat balls (koftas) are made of minced meat usually lamb/mutton with few spices and onion in it. Meat balls can be made with minced chicken, beef, prawns and fish. You can buy the mince near your super market or your local butcher. I always buy my meat from my local butcher, so that I can ask for few meat bones (for the curry, for flavour) and ask the butcher to mince according to my wish like coarse mince or smooth. I have already prepared few curry recipes for meat balls; each recipe is different from each other. In this curry, … Continue reading

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