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  • Mango fish curry

    Fish curry is every ones favourite and if we are staying near sea shore or coastal area, then fresh sea food will be easily available. My grand father’s favourite food is sea food. When he was in Vishakapatnam, I used to see him going to the market and buy fish or big prawns. He is very much found of sea food and he always says us that fish is very healthy for us. Even when we visit his hometown Anantapur, he brings fresh fish from the market, which is caught from the river or near by lake. Then it is … Continue reading

  • Potato masala for poori or puri

    Puri and aloo masala curry is a very famous breakfast in south India. The aloo masala is same as it is served for dosa, but for puri the aloo masala is like curry/gravy, whereas for dosa it is thick and dry type, as it has to be stuffed inside the dosa. I am having this combination of puri and aloo, from my childhood and it is made especially when we are at home and in our school holidays. In my family every one, whether it is in Chennai or Andhra, I have seen this aloo masala curry is made in … Continue reading

  • Vegetable balls with chilli sauce

    Vegetable Manchurian is a popular dish and is liked by every one. It is served as a starter in every restaurant in India. In this recipe I have used chilli paste made with Kashmiri dry chillies. I have prepared vegetable balls with different sauces according to my taste. It is spicy, sour but tastes good. I have made it a bit like a gravy, but if you want it to be drier or semi gravy, you can prepare it. To make vegetable balls, you can use any vegetables you like. Some add paneer as well. But I have not added … Continue reading

  • Aloo ka paratha with spring onions

    Aloo ka paratha with spring onions is a one pot dish for me. There is no need to make any side dish to go with this. The dough is stuffed with potato mixture with some spices and cooked like a chapathi (roti). You can use any stuffing and spices of your taste. I have used spring onions from my garden instead of ordinary onions. I remember when my mother used to make aloo ka paratha, we used to have it with tomato chutney and mango and ginger pickle. My mother makes it in a very simple way. She just adds … Continue reading

  • Sukha chicken wrap

    Wraps are great for taking out as a lunch or picnic or as a meal at any time. There was some sukha chicken (semi chicken fry) left over and I had few tortilla wraps, so thought of making hot and spicy chicken wraps with chilli sauce and mint mayonnaise which I bought it from one of the food festival. At home if there are any left overs like chutnies, chicken or lamb or vegetables or salad, you can make any wraps with your left over chapattis (rotis) or tortillas or naan also. Chicken sukha is a dry masala chicken, which … Continue reading

  • Raw onion and dry chillies chutney

    This is my childhood favourite chutney, eaten especially with masala dosa , I always call it as pyaz ki chutney (onion chutney). While making masala dosa, chutney is applied in the middle of dosa and then stuffed with potato masala. This onion chutney is very spicy. I always change it according to my taste; sometimes I add chilli powder, instead of dry chillies. This chutney is very easy to make, as no roasting or frying is done. For mysore dosa also, a reddish colour chutney is applied which is spicy and tasty. Whenever I go to Bangalore I always have … Continue reading

  • Chicken liver masala fry

    This is another fry masala , in which I have used all the basic spices and fried it. A drizzle of lemon juice will make it more tasty. you can see my other related recipes of chicken liver. Ingredients Oil – 2 to 3tbsp Chicken liver – 200gms Chilli powder – 1tsp Pepper powder – 1/2tsp Crushed chilli powder – 1/2tsp Ginger and garlic paste – 11/2tsp Salt as per taste Cumin powder -1tsp Green chillies – 2 Lemon juice –1 tbsp Coriander leaves – 2tbsp or few roughly chopped Method First wash the chicken liver properly and strain it. … Continue reading

  • Cauliflower pepper fry masala

    Cauliflower pepper fry masala (cauliflower milagu masala), is a semi dry dish with little masala, not a curry type. Cauliflower pepper fry masala goes well with chapathi, poratta, dosa, plain rice with dal (any lentil dal) and rasam (tamarind based Chennai soup). The pepper and fennel spice goes well with the cauliflower, which makes the dish tastier and flavoured one. Ingredients Cauliflower (small size) – 1 or 350 gms Oil – 4 to 5 tbsp Onion (sliced) – 100 gms Ginger and garlic paste – 2 tsp Chilli powder – 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Green chillies (slit) … Continue reading

  • Tawa murg kebab

    This chicken kebab is easy to make and you can have as a snack or starter. I have made it in the shapes of sheekh or seek kebab. It is flavoured with whole spices and other simple ingredients. This chicken kebab can be made on the grill or tava or pan. You can use ghee or oil to fry. I have used sunflower oil, you can use vegetable oil. There is one whole spice where there is always a confusion, that is cassia buds or kebab chini or nagkeshar(nag kesar), as they look alike and only small difference is in … Continue reading

  • Szechuan sauce

    Szechuan sauce is a delicious spicy and sweet sauce that can be used as a dip or can be used to make delicious indo – Chinese recipe like Szechuan noodles, Szechuan fried rice and many more. Szechuan sauce is a blend of onion, ginger, garlic and most important red dry chillies which gives good colour like Kashmir chilli and other ingredients, which gives a different taste. I want to make it at home personally as per my taste and make various dishes from this delicious Szechuan sauce recipe. This recipe comes for 1small bottle jar. You can prepare it ahead … Continue reading

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