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  • Chicken in spicy coconut milk curry

    This chicken curry I have prepared in the style of southern style by cooking it in Coconut milk. I have used dry chilli paste for spiciness. It is easy to cook and simple ingredients go in it. If you get easily chilli paste in stores, then more easy and simple to make this curry. This spicy chicken goes well with plain rice, Idli, dosa , chapathi (roti). Ingredients Chicken (boneless) – 350 gms Coriander leaves (roughly chopped) – 1/3 cup Oil – 5 tbsp Saunf (aniseed) – 1 tsp Curry leaves – 15 Onion (big) – 1 Garlic cloves (crushed, … Continue reading

  • Meen pollichathu with kokum

    Meen pollichattu is an authentic kerelan dish. This dish is cooked in many ways with different spices in each house and in restaurants. This is one of my favourite fish dish among others, it is good when friends or relatives come home, and you can prepare with one fillet for each person, as a proportion. When the banana wrap is opened it is full of flavour with the fish and banana leaf. The fish usually used is pearl spot fish (karimeen) but I have used pomfret fish. In meen pollichattu fish is fried and then wrapped in banana leaf with … Continue reading

  • Paneer sticks

    Paneer sticks are served as a snack or as a starter for all paneer lovers. Paneer is cut into long length wise and covered with potato mixture, coated with bread crumbs or sesame seeds and deep fry it in the oil. The potato mixture, I made, divided into 2 portions and added different spices in each, to show you can make varieties in it and can add any ingredient you like. I have used green chilli sauce in one mixture and pavbhajji masala in the other, so entirely different spices. you can add according to your taste. Children will like … Continue reading

  • Whole spices

    Indian spices are used in india in different ways. It can be used as a whole or powdered or roasted or as apaste added with curry in alone or in mixes(masala)or end of cooking or in the beginning. All spices have different aroma and taste. The mix of spices is called garam masala.garam masala means hot with aromatic flavour used in pulavs and other dishes. Iam giving you simple description of few spices which I know about them, about cumin and corrainder seeds every body knows as it is used in every Indian cooking and mostly available in every shop. … Continue reading

  • Indian style fish cutlets

    The special about this recipe is it is made from tinned fish, which is easily available and easy to make. In Thailand fish cakes and crab cakes are very popular and I have made it but it is entirely different from this fish cake or fish cutlet, which is made in Indian style. Both the fish cakes have different taste and aroma. I have made vegetable cutlets but never tried fish cutlets. So I thought of making fish cutlets, but I have prepared it in a Indian way. One of my friend who is from Kerala, she shared her recipe, … Continue reading

  • Simple and spicy meen (fish) pollichathu

    Meen pollichathu is an authentic Keralan dish. The fish usually used in this recipe is pearl-spot (karimeen) but I have used pomfret fish. In this recipe, the fish is first fried, then wrapped in banana leaf along with a special masala and cooked again on tava/wok. Ingredients Oil for frying fish For marinade Pomfret fish – 1 (250gms approx, medium size) Chilli powder – 1 1/2 tsp Lemon juice – 3 tsp Salt – as required Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp Ginger and garlic paste – 2 tsp Oil – 1 tsp For masala or sauce Oil – 4 tsp … Continue reading

  • Mutton chettinadu curry

    Chettinand curry a south Indian spicy curry which goes well with our south Indian break fasts like idli, dosa, set dosa, aapam, parotta , puri and chapathi(roti). It is different from other curries as shallots and aniseed (suanf) gives a sweet taste and where as whole spices and pepper seeds the heat. Chettinand curry is prepared differently in each house and every one has its own recipe. I have cooked this curry in a pressure cooker, can cook in any vessel. Ingredients Oil – 1/3 cup Curry leaves – 15 Onion (big, sliced or chopped) – 1 Tomato (big, sliced … Continue reading

  • Ven pongal or kara pongal

    Ven pongal/kara pongal is a very popular breakfast in restaurants or at home in south India. Tamil kara pongal recipe is popularly called ven pongal. ven pongal is very easy to make and this is one of the dish that I always see serving in banana leaves in marriages. In each house and other places, pongal is prepared differently. In Karnataka, the pongal I tasted at my friend’s house and restaurant’s is entirely different, as dry coconut or fresh coconut and turmeric powder is added and is served with tamarind based sauce called gojju. The best pongal I tasted was … Continue reading

  • Vegetable hakka noodles

    Vegetable hakka noodles or vegetable hakka chow mien popularly known dish in indo-Chinese cuisine. This hakka noodles or chow Mein noodles is all time everyone’s favourite , kids love it and is very easy to make in no time, only in vegetables cutting time is needed, otherwise its easy. Now days, chopped vegetables also you get for Chinese cooking. Its very nutrious also as lots of vegetables go in it. The main vegetables which we see often is carrot, beans, cabbage, capsicum and beansprouts. You can add any vegetables as many, as  per your child’s taste, in the noodles. Hakka … Continue reading

  • Kacchi gosht ki biryani with saffron and dried rose petals (Mutton dum biryani)

    This mutton dum biryani is flavoured with whole spices, dried rose petals and saffron, which makes the biryani fragrant and delicious. In every house, the making style and spices used are different. Biryani can be made with prawns, chicken, mutton, vegetables and even fish. I learnt to make biryani from my mom, which I am sharing with you. My mom makes it a little less spicy, but I make it more spicy. I have made a lot of varieties in biryani and now I will like to share this one with you. This time I have made mutton biryani with … Continue reading

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