• Tawa murg kebab

    This chicken kebab is easy to make and you can have as a snack or starter. I have made it in the shapes of sheekh or seek kebab. It is flavoured with whole spices and other simple ingredients. This chicken kebab can be made on the grill or tava or pan. You can use ghee or oil to fry. I have used sunflower oil, you can use vegetable oil. There is one whole spice where there is always a confusion, that is cassia buds or kebab chini or nagkeshar(nag kesar), as they look alike and only small difference is in … Continue reading

  • Pudina wale paneer pasanda

    Paneer pasanda is a very delectable dish made with stuffed fried paneer in a smooth, glossy, rich, aromatic and delicious sauce (curry). It is a very popular vegetarian dish and is served in many restaurants. I have stuffed the paneer with mewa (raisins, almonds and cashew nuts) and mint leaves. I have made the sauce with onions and tomato puree. I have also added fresh mint leaves to give a different flavour. It is very delicious and rich. If you want you can add very little dry mint powder to the sauce. I have used concentrated tomato puree, bur you … Continue reading

  • Chicken and vegetable hakka noodles

    Chicken Hakka noodles or chicken Hakka chow mien popularly known dish in indo-Chinese cuisine. This chicken Hakka noodles or chicken chow Mein noodles is very easy to make, only in vegetables cutting time is needed, otherwise it’s easy. Though it is chicken Hakka noodles I have added more of vegetables, as I love to have both chicken and vegetables, but you can add more chicken as per your taste. Now days, chopped Chinese vegetables are available in super markets, which saves more time in cutting. The main vegetables which we see often are carrot, beans, cabbage, capsicum and beansprouts. Now … Continue reading

  • Oats and herbs idli

    Oats and herbs idli which is different from original idli, as in this oats is added for nutritious and healthy Indian breakfast which is tasty and is a quick and instant breakfast. Now a days, life is so busy, every one needs to cook something instant but healthy. Oats idli is one option. Oats idli is made with instant oats and wheat rava (wheat semolina, Bombay rava), yoghurt and seasoning. To make this breakfast more colourful, I added few herbs like dill leaves, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Oats in the form of porridge I didn’t like its taste but … Continue reading

  • Chettinad baby potato fry (varuval)

    Varuval means fry. I have fried the baby potatoes in Chettinad style, which gives you different taste and flavour. Baby potatoes or new potatoes are small in size and can be used whole. You can make curry or fry it. Dum aloo is also good to make using these baby potatoes. The sambar onions (shallots or small onions) which has a sweet flavour gives good taste to Chettinad baby potato fry. This time I have used pepper corns and red chilli to give pepper flavour and aroma. Chettinad baby potato is a dry dish and goes well with the plain … Continue reading

  • Lajawab shahi gosht biryani

    Lajawab shahi gosht ki biryani is a classic biryani, as this lamb biryani or gosht ki biryani is made with all rich ingredients like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, cream, ghee or butter and flavoured with rose water. In this biryani there is no use of tomatoes and the style of cooking is entirely different from other biryani. I liked this biryani very much as it is easy to make, not much spices are used and it is mild but very delicious, mouth-watering and flavoured biryani. I have taken boneless pieces of lamb but I always prefer to take with bones. … Continue reading

  • Saffron prawns biryani with green chilli paste (pakki jingha biryani)

    Prawns biryani is a rich rice dish cooked with basmati rice with fresh prawns. This is also a very popular dish in india .I have used medium size king prawns, you can use small size prawns also. You might have seen my previous biryani recipes also, the cooking method is the same, only the spices differ. In this I have used saffron instead of biryani colour. It is similar as the previous biryani but only in this I added prawns at last when the gravy is ready, so that it is not overcooked. The prawns becomes rubbery, if overcooked. You … Continue reading

  • Chicken biryani with alubukhara

    Chicken biryani with alu bukhara is very unusual and different for me. In my biryani , I have used dry fruits and nuts but never tried with alu bukhara (dried prunes). I tasted this biryani in london in a pakistani restaurant near my place and I was surprised to see that dried prune, which was giving me sweat and sour taste, I thought it to be tamarind , as it was having a tamarind type seed and in dark colour. Alubukhara (dried prune) is a fruit which is dried and used in cookings. I used to have it when I … Continue reading

  • Shahi yakhni pulao

    Yakhni pulao is a very popular north Indian Awadhi cuisine. Awadhi cuisine is from the city of lucknow which is the capital of the state Uttar Pradesh. The richness of awadh cusine lies not only in the variety of cusine but also in the ingredients used like mutton, paneer ,ghee and rich spices including cardamom and saffron. Yakhni pulao is famous in north India and other countries like Pakistan and other countries where yakhni pulao is cooked in different style with many aromatic spices. The difference between biryani and pulao is that while pulao is made by cooking the meat … Continue reading

  • Mughlai gosht biryani

    Mughlai biryani is a special biryani, which you can make on special occasions. Mughlai biryani is different from my other biryani recipes and tastes different and delicious. Mughlai biryani – the name itself suggests that it belongs to the Mughlai cuisine, which comes from the cuisine of Mughal kingdom and is popular in northern India. The Mughlai cuisine is generally mild in taste, full of aroma and rich ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, clarified butter, saffron and cream. In this Mughlai biryani, I have used almonds (badam), saffron threads (kesar), ghee (clarified butter), single cream and ofcourse spices to make … Continue reading

  • Chicken lollipop with tangy chilli sauce

    Chicken lollipop is every ones favourite dish; it is eaten as a starter. Chicken wings are used for chicken lollipops, which are shaped in the form of chicken lollipops. I have tried so many variations, and I liked all and I am confused to tell which one was more tasty and crispier. In this I have used chicken wings, which are in the form of chicken lollipop but not trimmed properly as a chicken lollipop, it looks like mini chicken legs. You can ask your butcher to do or can do it by yourself. In this recipe I have used … Continue reading

  • Szechuan vegetable fried rice

    Schezwan vegetable fried rice prepared from my home made schezwan sauce. Schezwan vegetable fried rice, I have prepared it Indo-chinese way and as per my taste. In chinese cooking for schezwan recipes, schezwan peppercorn are used which look like black peppercorns but its colour is dark in pink. But in indo chinese preparations, it is prepared differently. As in indo Chinese, schezwan sauce is prepared which is spicy, hot, tangy and sweet, but every one prepares it differently. In schezwan cooking, sesame oil and chilli oil is also used. I have prepared, schezwan vegetable fried rice by using these ingredients. … Continue reading

  • Szechuan chicken

    Szechuan chicken is a very popular dish in restaurants features in the menu of every Indo-Chinese restaurant. It is entirely different from the Szechuan peppers. I prepared Szechuan chicken as per my style with my home made Szechuan sauce made with celery. The szechuan sauce was very delicious and gave me very good colour as you would see in a restaurant. I actually did not add any colour to make it bright. I kept the level of heat and spiciness according to my taste and this time I did not make it very spicy. It tasted yum and in my … Continue reading

  • Singapore style noodles with Oyster sauce

    In Singapore, you will find a huge variety of stir fry noodles, each with different taste and flavour. One among them is curry powder flavoured noodles with oyster sauce. Most of the Singapore noodles prepared are yellow in colour, which is due to the turmeric used in it. I have prepared my own curry powder for the noodles, which gave a different taste. You can use chicken, prawns or any meat you like, but I have seen a lot more of prawns in Singapore noodles. The Singapore noodles is made using rice noodles usually, but I have used maggi type … Continue reading

  • Vegetable fried rice (Indo Chinese style)

    Vegetable fried rice is a popular Chinese food. Vegetable fried rice is a mixture of vegetables and rice, cooked with Chinese sauce and served hot. But I have cooked it in an Indo–Chinese style. Whenever we order Chinese food, fried rice is a must, for cauliflower Manchurian or chicken Manchurian etc. Vegetable fried rice is easy, quick, and healthy and everyone’s favourite. Vegetable fried rice best made with left over rice in fridge. It is a quick brunch for lazy days or for tiffin box to carry outside or for dinner or when there is a short of time. It … Continue reading

  • Fish cakes with ready made red curry paste

    Thai Fish cakes can be made with ready made red curry paste, but try to make it yourself, as food processor will do all the hard work for you. I bought this ready made red curry paste to make fish cakes as I suddenly desired to eat and want to know the difference between ready made and freshly home made red curry paste. The truth is freshly homemade are the best, but as a alternative we can use ready made red curry paste, during our lazy times and for a quick starter or appetizer. For the Thai fish cakes use … Continue reading

  • Thai green curry paste

    This authentic Thai green curry paste is famous for its Thai green curry. This Thai green curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. You can add any vegetable, fish, chicken or beef to make green curry with this green curry paste. You can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes using this paste. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, green chillies, shrimp paste (kapi), galangal and … Continue reading

  • Thai red chicken curry

    Thai red chicken curry which is hot and spicy but can be made mild by reducing chillies. Thai red chicken curry can be prepared as the same method as green chicken curry. The difference is I have used with bones in red curry can use boneless pieces. This curry was hot for me, so I have added sugar and coconut milk more and lemon juice at the end. With this red curry paste can prepare tradional red curry with pumpkin, duck, beef and other vegetables. I have prepared this with red curry paste. My red curry paste will not be … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry paste

    This authentic Thai red curry paste is famous for its Thai red curry. This Thai red curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. Can add any vegetables, fish, chicken and beef to make red curry with this red curry paste. Can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes. A famous curry is made with this red paste duck curry in Thailand. Traditionally a heavy based stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are shallots, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir … Continue reading

  • Thai green chicken curry

    Thai green curry is one of the most popular curries in Thai cuisine. Thai green curry is prepared with Thai green curry paste and can use any vegetables you like, any meat like chicken, beef, fish, prawns. Traditionally Thai green chicken curry is prepared and only Thai egg plant (light green brinjal type) and Thai pea egg plant (pea size and colour) are used in preparing Thai green chicken curry. Can use mushroom, bamboo shoots and pumpkin, beans and other vegetables as per your taste. First prepare Thai green curry paste and keep it aside and then curry, which is … Continue reading

  • Uttapam

    Uttapam is a thick dosa fried with few vegetables in it. It is like a thick pan cake. You can call it as an Indian pizza also. In this you can use any batter which is used for making dosa. I have given you already idli recipe and dosa recipe also, from which you can use it for dosa and also uttapam. Idli /dosa can be made from idli rice, parboiled ponni rice, ponni raw rice, with variations with each rice variety; it gives different taste and also the softness, when it is grounded with urad dal. Dosa will be … Continue reading

  • Kanchipuram idli / Kudalai idli

    Kanjeevaram idli/Kudalai idli/Kanchipuram idli is a variation to the regular idli (steamed rice cake). Kanchipuram idli originated from the place called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, famous for silk sarees, where I bought few of my sarees for my marriage 9 years ago. One of my aunts accompanied with us for shopping who suggested us to have Kanchipuram idli while shopping. Kanchipuram idli is slightly spiced and steamed. But these idlis are traditionally steamed in cups made out of dried leaves – manthara leaf cups called dhonnai. Kanchipuram idlis are also known as Kudalai idli named after the leaf cups, which … Continue reading

  • Mallige idli

    Mallige idli is very famous in Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. Mallige in Kannada means jasmine flower. Mallige idli is very soft, tastes delicious and white like jasmine flowers. I have used idli rava and not upma rava (both are different). You can get idli rava in Indian stores (some use idli rice as well). I have used flattened rice (poha), cooked rice and curd/yoghurt to make it soft and extremely delicious. Remember that for all idlis, soaking and grinding method are same but the ingredients used may differ and that’s why each recipe of my idli recipes is … Continue reading

  • Medhu vada

    Medhu vada is a very popular break fast in south india. Medhu vada is served with sambar and coconut chutney. It is like a doughnut shape but taste differs. Medhu vada is made with urad dal, which is soaked in water for few hrs, then ground to a thick paste and then fried in deep oil. Deep oil means the oil should be more so that when vada is fried , it should be immersed nicely, not shallow fry. In hotels especially in south India you get sambar vada (vada soaked in sambar), rasam vada (vada soaked in rasam), curd … Continue reading

  • Oats idli

    Oats idli which is nutritious and healthy Indian breakfast, which tastes good and is a quick and instant breakfast. Now a days, life is so busy, everyone needs to cook something instant but healthy. Oats idli is made with instant oats and wheat rava (wheat semolina, Bombay rava), yoghurt and seasoning. To make this breakfast more nutritious and colourful, I added carrot and few peas but it is optional, you can add any vegetables you like or just plain. Oats in the form of porridge I didn’t like its taste but in the form of snack or Indian breakfast, I … Continue reading

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