• Papdi chaat

    Papdi chaat the name itself make us mouth water. A very popular Indian street chaat food. You can prepare papdi chaat with boiled potato, boiled chana (chickpea), yoghurt, sev and other ingredients. To make any chaat, you need to have few basic ingredients ready like for crispiness, papdi which is thin , flat and round shape like puri (can be bought from the shop), for sweetness which is tamarind and date chutney, for spiciness which is green chutney and other ingredients depending which chaat you are preparing. If you prepare these in advance and keep it ready, you can prepare … Continue reading

  • Tadka dosa

    I got this idea when I was making guntaponglu (in telugu) or paniyaram (in tamil), which is made from dosa batter, in which some fried onions and other ingredients are added. With the same batter I just tried to make the dosa, for a change, as the batter was left and I was thinking not to make guntaponglu again. So I call this dosa as thadka dosa. You can do this with the dosa batter also .For the batter you can use my previous 2 idli recipes in which rice is used and dosa recipe also. The recipe which iam … Continue reading

  • Drumsticks and brinjal sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

    Drumstick is a common vegetable which we can use in sambar. This time I have prepared sambar using brinjal, drumstick, ladies finger and ofcourse my favourite sambar onions (kunjili onions or shallots). In this sambar recipe, I did tadka (seasoning) first, then boiled the vegetables, added the boiled dal and then freshly ground powder (masala). If you want you can do tadka right at the end. In this sambar recipe, I have roasted spices and ground them into a powder for special taste and aroma. It depends on you whether to reduce chillies or not. In my other recipes I … Continue reading

  • Pottukadalai chutney / Roasted gram chutney

    Pottukadalai or roasted gram chutney is a very simple and easy south Indian chutney. The roasted gram is also called roasted chanadal, split gram, putanae/putanalu in Telugu and pottukadalai in Tamil. We call roasted chana dal as putanae at home and always when I ask mom which chutney, she says putanae ki chutney. It can be made with either dry coconut or dry chillies or fresh coconut. This chutney can be made in minutes and hence can be made any time and when you need to make one urgently. Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 7 mins Cuisine: South Indian … Continue reading

  • Chicken Dum Biryani

    The word biryani is derived from the Persian word beryan, which means roasted and fried. It is usually the mix of rice, few spices and meat or vegetables. Biryani was brought to India by Persian travellers and merchants. This dish is not only popular in India, but also in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Srilanka and Mauritius. In every house, the making style and spices used are different. Biryani can be made with prawns, chicken, mutton, vegetables and even fish. I learnt this biryani from my Mom, which I am sharing with you. I am making this biryani with more spicy than … Continue reading

  • Hyderabadi mutton dum biryani

    Hyderabadi lamb/mutton dum biryani is a very famous and imperial dish among the rice dishes. Hyderabadi lamb/mutton dum biryani is a one pot dish which is made by cooking meat and rice together on a slow flame. Hyderabadi mutton biryani is usually prepared for special occasions or whenever you desire for it. I have prepared this Hyderabadi lamb biryani as per my taste and with my home made biryani masala. The lamb biryani is full of flavour when cooked with home made biryani masala. The method I used for this lamb biryani is kacche gosht ki biryani style. This means … Continue reading

  • Chicken and potato biryani with lemon wedges

    Chicken Biryani with potato, dried prunes (alu bhikhara) or dried plums and lemon wedges is very unusual and different for us. In my Biryani, I have used dry fruits and nuts but never tried with potatoes and alu bukhara (dried prunes). I tasted this Biryani in london in a pakistani restaurant near my place and I was surprised to see that dried prune, which was giving me sweat and sour taste , I thought it to be tamarind , as it was having a tamarind type seed and in dark colour. Alu bukhara (dried prune) is a fruit which is … Continue reading

  • Mutton dum biryani

    One more mutton biryani, which I prepared for Eid (Ramzan), lamb/mutton dum biryani (kache ghost ki biryani) Hyderabad style, which I could not resist to share with you. I am just keep trying all different kinds of biryani, as I am a big lover of biryani and never get satisfied after trying so many biryanis. Though I prepared this biryani for eid but my husband’s comment after eating this biryani was, he felt the same taste as the biryani served in our marriages (muslim biryani), which gave me immense happiness and satisfaction. Hyderabadi style lamb/mutton dum biryani is a one … Continue reading

  • Sindhi biryani

    Among other famous biryani, there is one more famous biryani known as Sindhi biryani from Sindh, Pakistan and few places in India. I tasted this delicious biryani in a restaurant (uk) and one of my friends house. Each one prepares Sindh biryani as per their recipe. This biryani is entirely different from the famous Hyderabadi biryani and Lucknowi biryani. This Sindhi biryani is spicy, sour and tangy and full of flavour. In Sindhi biryani, potatoes, chicken or mutton, dry plums (alubhukhara) and lemon juice or lemon slices are used with spices. It is up to you whether you can add … Continue reading

  • Bai biryani (Chennai style)

    In Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Bai Biryani means Muslim style Biryani. Most of my friends and others may not know about bai biryani, for them one more delicious biryani, which tastes delicious and you will feel not to stop but just keep eating this biryani. Iam myself a big biryani lover and favourite one is the biryani which is served in Muslim marriages and served in small shops just for the take away only. This biryani is special and cooked by good and experienced Muslim chefs only. This biryani is cooked using wood (charcoal) and dum is given with coal from … Continue reading

  • Szechuan sauce with celery

    Szechuan sauce is a delicious hot, spicy and sweet sauce that can be used as a dip or can be used to make delicious indo – Chinese recipe like Szechuan noodles, Szechuan fried rice and many more. This Szechuan sauce is different from my other Szechuan sauce as in this sauce I have included chilli oil(homemade), celery, tomato puree other than onion, ginger, garlic and most important red dry chillies which gives good colour like Kashmir chilli and other ingredients, which gives a different taste. The spiciness and sweetness can be adjusted as per your taste. I want to make … Continue reading

  • Prawn stuffed capsicum

    Prawn stuffed capsicum dish is quite new for me and I liked it as I it different from the other common recipes like chilli chicken or chicken manchurian. The prawn stuffed capsicum is easy to make, but a little time consuming. In this prawn mince is stuffed in the capsicum, deep fried and then added to the sauce. The sauce can be of your choice – you can add this to manchurian or chilli sauce. I have cooked the sauce according to my taste. Chicken stuffed capsicum can also be prepared the same way. For vegetarian version try paneer (cottage … Continue reading

  • Prawns fried rice with fish sauce

    Prawns fried rice with fish sauce is different from other fried rice as in this I have not used any soya sauce and eggs also. In this fish sauce is added and some vegetables, you can add any vegetables which you like. With the same ingredients you can make chicken fried rice also. I have used small prawns and which is already boiled. This is very easy to make and gets cooked fast, if you chop the vegetables and keep it aside. Ingredients Oil – 3 tbsp Carrots – 3 Mushroom – 10 Capsicum – 1 Spring onions – 2 … Continue reading

  • Oyster sauce chicken

    Oyster sauce chicken is an oriental dish, which has a new taste and flavour of oyster. Oyster sauce is used in Chinese cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine, in soups, stir fries or as a dipping sauce and many more dishes. It is made from oysters and has a sweet taste and unique flavour. Vegetarian version is also available and is made from mushrooms. I have cooked this dish according to my taste buds. Chicken in oyster sauce is different from other dishes as in this no soya sauce is used; it has very different taste, which I liked it very much. … Continue reading

  • Chicken chowmein

    Chow mien in Chinese mean stir fry noodles, there are variety of versions in it. Each time when ever I visit some Chinese street food, I learn by seeing them or in restaurants where from a glass, you can view what the chef is doing. My main purpose is to share the recipes which are good and tasty. In chow mien noodles, I have often seen egg noodles or eggless noodles, you can use rice or any noodles you have. Each place I get different taste and texture. In this chicken chow mien, I have stir fried the vegetables, noodles, … Continue reading

  • Thai red curry paste with dry chillies

    This authentic Thai red curry paste is famous for its use in the Thai red curry. This Thai red curry paste can be used in curry or in starters. You can add any vegetable, fish, chicken and beef to make red curry with this red curry paste. You can make starters like fish cakes or crab cakes. A famous curry is made with this red paste called Duck curry in Thailand. Traditionally a heavy stone pestle and mortar is used and fresh ingredients are used to give that fresh and aromatic flavour to the paste. The main basic ingredients are … Continue reading

  • Chicken soup with curry powder

    This chicken soup flavoured with curry powder is a mixture of Indian spices and Thai ingredients like coriander roots, coconut milk and fresh Thai chilli. The cooking is in Thai style. You can also call this as a fusion soup a fusion of ingredients from Indian and Thai cuisines. This soup is so unique and tasty and made with simple ingredients which are widely available in the market. This soup is spicy, sour and sweet. This soup can be prepared with prawns or meat balls or just vegetarian. I have used coconut milk powder for the coconut milk but if … Continue reading

  • Tom yum goong (Hot and sour prawns soup)

    Tom yum is a soup made in Thailand and it is very popular and has many health benefits because of its combination of herbs and spices. The basic stock consists of galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves, Thai birds red chilli. This soup is made with chicken (tom yum gai), prawns, vegetables and fish. I have prepared this with prawns. For stock I have boiled prawns shells in water and used as stock. I have used ginger instead of galangal. I did not get the fresh lime leaves, so iam using frozen crushed lime leaves. The lime leaves and lemon grass … Continue reading

  • Lime, lemon grass and prawn Thai soup

    This Thai prawn soup is made with fragrant herbs and it is spicy too. The basic stock consists of galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves, Thai birds eye red chillies. You can make this soup even with chicken or fish. I have used Knorr chicken stock cube instead of prawn shells as I had cleaned prawns without shell. I always make prawn stock with prawn shells, as it gives more flavour and taste to the dish when used. I have used lime skin (rind or zest) instead of lime leaves. I have also used my home made nam prik pao (chilli … Continue reading

  • Fish cakes with ready made red curry paste

    Thai Fish cakes can be made with ready made red curry paste, but try to make it yourself, as food processor will do all the hard work for you. I bought this ready made red curry paste to make fish cakes as I suddenly desired to eat and want to know the difference between ready made and freshly home made red curry paste. The truth is freshly homemade are the best, but as a alternative we can use ready made red curry paste, during our lazy times and for a quick starter or appetizer. For the Thai fish cakes use … Continue reading

  • Curd Vermicelli / Thayir semiya / Semiya bagala bath

    Curd vermicelli/thayir semiya is same as the curd rice/thayir sadam. The only difference is vermicelli instead of rice. Vermicelli which is cooked first seasoned (tadka) and mixed in a smooth curd. I tasted this first time in a Brahmin marriage, which tasted delicious, nothing came to my mind, I was just thinking, I wish I could get the recipe from the chef. It was creamy, smooth, just melting in mouth. As aim writing this my head is breaking because I wished I could eat it now again, very greedy. In south India , after lunch, most of them have curd … Continue reading

  • Soft and spongy idlis

    Idli is a very popular breakfast and daily diet in south India. In Chennai, every body loves to have idly; in restaurants idli is served with vada (medhu vada), chutney and sambar or just idli sambar. Instead of having plain idlies, for a change you can stuff it with any chutney or kheema curry.Sometimes I make chilli idli and idli Manchurian also. The idlies are very soft, spongy and tastes good. From my previous idly batter also the idli tastes good, just for a change I keep changing the rice quantity. My friends use 4:1 ratio, that is for rice: … Continue reading

  • Medhu vada

    Medhu vada is a very popular break fast in south india. Medhu vada is served with sambar and coconut chutney. It is like a doughnut shape but taste differs. Medhu vada is made with urad dal, which is soaked in water for few hrs, then ground to a thick paste and then fried in deep oil. Deep oil means the oil should be more so that when vada is fried , it should be immersed nicely, not shallow fry. In hotels especially in south India you get sambar vada (vada soaked in sambar), rasam vada (vada soaked in rasam), curd … Continue reading

  • Idli

    Idlies are made with parboiled ponni rice or with idli rice in a special grinder (Indian mixer). Idli is a south Indian breakfast. It is served as a tiffin or as a snack. It can be eaten at any time. It is served with sambar (lentil dal), and chutney. Idli is made with the mixture of idli rice paste and urad dal paste and sometimes idli rava is used instead of idli rice. But ratio differs when we use rice or rice rava. In my grandmothers house , idli rava is used and the proportion is 2:1(idli rava:urad dal), even … Continue reading

  • Tadka dosa

    I got this idea when I was making guntaponglu (in telugu) or paniyaram (in tamil), which is made from dosa batter, in which some fried onions and other ingredients are added. With the same batter I just tried to make the dosa, for a change, as the batter was left and I was thinking not to make guntaponglu again. So I call this dosa as thadka dosa. You can do this with the dosa batter also .For the batter you can use my previous 2 idli recipes in which rice is used and dosa recipe also. The recipe which iam … Continue reading

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