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  • Hara masala murg

    Hara masala murg is a masala kind of dish, made of mint and coriander leaves paste. The name hara masala itself says that curry is made of herbs and other ingredients. This dish has little gravy, which goes well with pulav, jeera rice and thin rotis (rumali roti) and naan. Can make this dish with ghee or butter, but I have used oil and butter. I have used mint leaves and coriander leaves, either equal amount or can add more coriander leaves and less mint leaves too. Ingredients Chicken (boneless) – 350 to 400 gms Paste Green chillies – 4 … Continue reading

  • Vietnamese egg paper rolls

    Vietnamese egg rice paper rolls are so delicious that they are healthy and very easy to make. The rice papers are softened when dipped in warm water or cold water, just for few seconds and used as wrappers for our tasty, crunchy and delicious egg rice paper roll. The egg rice paper roll is filled with soft rice noodles, crunchy vegetables and lots of herbs, which makes it very healthy Vietnamese paper roll. They are plain to taste but when dipped in the spicy peanut or fish sauce or soya sauce or any sauce, gives a very good taste and … Continue reading

  • Achari gosht (pickled lamb curry)

    Achari gosht is a lamb/mutton dish prepared with pickles spices like mustard seeds, nigella seeds or onion seeds, fennel seeds, methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) in mustard oil or sun flower oil or vegetable oil but mostly mustard oil. Can adopt the same method as for chicken achari or paneer achari of my previous recipe. In addition to lamb, I have added stuffed chillies with pickled spices, which I roasted them and grounded to powder. Apart from pickle spices, I have added the readymade mango pickle; I was having the medium size pieces with garlic cloves reddish colour south Indian pickle. … Continue reading

  • Kacchi gosht ki biryani with saffron and dried rose petals (Mutton dum biryani)

    This mutton dum biryani is flavoured with whole spices, dried rose petals and saffron, which makes the biryani fragrant and delicious. In every house, the making style and spices used are different. Biryani can be made with prawns, chicken, mutton, vegetables and even fish. I learnt to make biryani from my mom, which I am sharing with you. My mom makes it a little less spicy, but I make it more spicy. I have made a lot of varieties in biryani and now I will like to share this one with you. This time I have made mutton biryani with … Continue reading

  • Stuffed full chicken curry (Kozhi Nirachathu)

    Stuffed full chicken curry is cooked on special occasions. Every home could have their own recipe. Kozhi nirachathu (stuffed chicken) is a kerelan dish in which a whole chicken is stuffed and cooked slowly. It is like Murg Musallam but the spices that are used in this are different. I got this recipe from one of the TV shows called Coconut coast. It is from Kerala. I liked the recipe as the ingredients are simple and the stuffing goes well with the curry. I made only slight changes in the spices and the quantity of ingredients used, but not much. … Continue reading

  • Vanjaram fish fry / king fish fry (restaurant style)

    Vanjaram meen varuval (king fish fry) is very famous in south India and you will find this in every restaurant menu. In my mother-in-law’s house, if fish fry it means first it has to be vanjaram fish (king fish), then sankara (red snapper) and other fish. Vanjaram fish is a firm fish and has one bone and is easy to eat also. Vanjaram fish fry tastes delicious. I have already shown many fish fry recipes, which you can try with vanjaram fish also. In this vanjaram fish fry, I have used special masala for frying, which gives different taste, flavour … Continue reading

  • Prawn stuffed capsicum

    Prawn stuffed capsicum dish is quite new for me and I liked it as I it different from the other common recipes like chilli chicken or chicken manchurian. The prawn stuffed capsicum is easy to make, but a little time consuming. In this prawn mince is stuffed in the capsicum, deep fried and then added to the sauce. The sauce can be of your choice – you can add this to manchurian or chilli sauce. I have cooked the sauce according to my taste. Chicken stuffed capsicum can also be prepared the same way. For vegetarian version try paneer (cottage … Continue reading

  • Spicy tomato chutney

    This chutney is spicy and sour, it gives a different taste. it can be eaten with rice also. My mother she always prepares this chutney when we have aloo ka paratha, guntapanalu, idli and dosa. This chutney is different from other chutneys , as in this roasting is not done but it is cooked like any gravy or curry. This chutney can be prepared from fresh tomatoes or tinned plum tomatoes or tinned chopped tomatoes. This chutney includes lots of garlic also, so this chutney can be called as garlicy tomato chutney. Ingredients Chilli powder – 1 tbsp Salt – … Continue reading

  • Drumsticks and brinjal sambar (arachu vitta sambar or freshly ground spices)

    Drumstick is a common vegetable which we can use in sambar. This time I have prepared sambar using brinjal, drumstick, ladies finger and ofcourse my favourite sambar onions (kunjili onions or shallots). In this sambar recipe, I did tadka (seasoning) first, then boiled the vegetables, added the boiled dal and then freshly ground powder (masala). If you want you can do tadka right at the end. In this sambar recipe, I have roasted spices and ground them into a powder for special taste and aroma. It depends on you whether to reduce chillies or not. In my other recipes I … Continue reading

  • Kacchi mirch ki dal (green chillies dal)

    Kacchi mirchi ki dal is very popular in our sides that is in my grandmas place anantapur, guntakal and other places (Andhra side). We use mostly toor dal, if we are making any dal for rice. With that dal we make varities of dal like tomato dal, katti dal (sour dal), mango dal, palak dal(spinach dal), methi dal(fenugreek dal), kaddu dal ( orange pumpkin) and many more. Soon I will show you these recipes. In this dal lot of green chillies goes and that’s why this dal is known as kacchi mirch ki dal. Sometimes I add tamarind paste or … Continue reading

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