Vegetable Kuruma

Vegetable kurma is a mixed vegetable curry very popular dish in south Indian restaurants and prepared in each house in households with their own variations and as per their taste. Though it has become so popular that everybody names Saravana style vegetable kurma although it is widely available in every South Indian restaurants. I have tasted different kinds of kurma from different South Indian restaurants I liked all. The combo for vegetable kurma is parotta, puri, chapathi, Idli, dosa, Idiappam and any pulao.

For a restaurant style vegetable kurma, you need to have kalpasi (in Tamil) which is mostly used in chettinand cuisine. Kalpasi known as dagad ka phool in Hindi, black stone flower in English. Apart from other ingredients, the main ingredient which makes this vegetable kurma different from other kurma is curd, milk and butter adding in the end. My favourite combo to go with vegetable kurma is idli and dosa.

Preparation time: 20 mins (excluding soaking time)

Cooking time: 50 mins

Cuisine: Tamil Nadu

Spiciness: Mild

Serves: 3 to 4


  1. Oil – 4tbsp
  2. Onion – 1(80gms)
  3. Ginger and garlic paste – 1tbsp
  4. Tomato – 1(150gms)
  5. Curry leaves - 15
  6. Chilli powder – 11/2tsp
  7. Turmeric powder – 1/4tsp
  8. Garam masala – 1tsp
  9. Water – 21/2cups
  10. Yoghurt – 1tbsp
  11. Milk – 1/2cup
  12. Butter – 1tbsp
  13. Coriander leaves – 3tbsp
  14. Whole spices

  15. Bay leaf – 1(big)
  16. Green cardamom – 4
  17. Cloves – 5
  18. Cinnamon stick – 1(3inch)
  19. Fennel seeds – 1/2tsp
  20. Star anise - 1
  21. Paste

  22. Star anise – 1
  23. Fennel seeds – 1tsp
  24. Green cardamom – 4
  25. Star anise – 1
  26. Black stone flower (kalpasi) – 1tsp
  27. Fresh coconut – 4tbsp
  28. Kush kush – 1tsp
  29. Cashew nuts – 5
  30. Onion – 1 small or 80gms
  31. Tomato – 80gms
  32. Vegetables

  33. Chow chow – ½
  34. Carrot – 1
  35. Potato – 1(small)
  36. Beans – 12
  37. Peas – 1/4 cup


  1. Chop onion, tomatoes and coriander leaves finely. I have used frozen peas.
  2. Precook the vegetables with turmeric 1/4tsp with adequate water11/2cup. The vegetable has to be firm when cooked or add the raw vegetables when the paste is added and cook along with it.
  3. Soak cashew nuts and khus khus in hot water for 30minutes.
  4. Add all the ingredients for the paste in a mixer, including cashew nuts and khus khus, grind to a fine paste. Add water if required.
  5. Heat oil in a vessel; add all the whole spices, fry for 7 to 10 seconds.
  6. Add onion and curry leaves, suate until onion is soft and transparent.
  7. Add ginger and garlic paste saute for few seconds.
  8. Add chopped tomatoes and add all the spices cook until tomatoes becomes soft (add little water to avoid spices to burn).
  9. Add the paste and 11/2cups water (the water 1/3rd used to clear the left over paste attached inside the mixer) mix well.
  10. Cook for 15minutes on medium flame, until it starts leaving oil. stir in-between. In the paste there is raw onion, it has to be cooked well.
  11. Add water 1/2cup or any left over water from the precooked vegetables, to loosen the curry.
  12. Add yoghurt, mix quickly at low flame.
  13. Add precooked vegetables, butter and milk mix well.
  14. Cook for 15 minutes on low flame, until it has left oil on top of the curry. Switch off.
  15. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  16. I have served vegetable kurma with my favourite combo idli and puri.


  1. Can add raw vegetables when the paste is added and cook until both are cooked well.
  2. Add water as per the requirement and the consistency you required.
  3. Can cook the tomatoes until soft and then add the spices and cook for few minutes.