Potato and capsicum fry

Potato and capsicum fry is a simple dish which is flavoured with dry coconut(copra) and garlic mixture. This potato and capsicum fry goes well with plain rice, any dal or rasam (thin soup like consistency made with spices and tamarind or lemon juice). Can use the same ingredients and cook with cabbage, beans, green capsicum, ladies finger (okra), sweet potato, arvi (cola cassia), carrot, and cauliflower. Dry coconut mixture with garlic is very simple just grind dry coconut with few garlic cloves and salt as per your taste and refrigerate for 1week. This dry coconut is used mostly near my grandmas place Anantapur district (Rayalaseema region) in Andhra Pradesh. There are so many variations in potato fry itself which I will be sharing with you one by one. I have used olive oil for a change as I often use vegetable or sunflower oil.


  1. Potato (medium size) – 3 or 350 gms
  2. Green capsicum – 1
  3. Oil – 2 tbsp
  4. Onion (medium size, chopped) – 1
  5. Mustard seeds – 3/4 tsp
  6. Cumin seeds – 3/4 tsp
  7. Curry leaves - 12
  8. Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
  9. Salt as per taste
  10. Dry Coconut (copra) and garlic powder – 2 to 3 tbsp


  1. Chop potato and capsicum into small chunks, grapes or berry size or little bigger, keep it ready.
  2. Preheat the kadai or non stick vessel with oil, when hot adds mustard seeds, cumin seeds, let it splutter for few seconds.
  3. Add onion and potato saute for 2 mins and add turmeric powder, mix well.
  4. In this I have not added any water for the potato to cook, as it will get cooked in its moisture itself.
  5. Close the lid and cook on simmer, till potato is almost cooked, stir in between.
  6. Add capsicum and cook for few minutes but still crispy.
  7. If it is sticking add 2tsp of oil, as to avoid from sticking.
  8. Now the potatoes and capsicum are roasted well, it is golden brown, crispy from outside.
  9. Add dry coconut (copra) and garlic powder and salt as per taste(salt is added in the dry coconut mixture), mix well, close the lid and cook on simmer for 10 to 12min.
  10. A good aroma comes when coconut and garlic mixture is added.
  11. Serve with plain rice, rasam or any dal or with roti also can be served.


  1. Can add boiled potatoes and cook.
  2. Can add chilli powder or green chillies (slit), when potato is added.