Mushroom and potato cutlets

Mushroom a healthy vegetarian alternative for meat. This is for mushroom lovers. Mushrooms are known for nutritional and low calorie food. Mushrooms can be stir fried, made curries, soups and also eaten raw. I have used white mushrooms known as button mushrooms for my cutlet. Very simple and few ingredients go in it. For coating, I have used Bombay rawa (semolina- but course) and coriander leaves, can grind them coarsely to give a green colour. This mushroom cutlet is so delicious with its own mushroomy flavour and taste, try it.


  1. Boiled potatoes (big) – 2
  2. Oil – 2 tbsp
  3. Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  4. Mushroom (medium size) – 150 to 170 gms
  5. Onion (chopped) – 1
  6. Ginger (chopped) – 1 tsp
  7. Green chillies – 4 to 5
  8. Coriander leaves (chopped) – 1/3 cup
  9. Salt - as per taste
  10. Coating

  11. Semolina (sooji or Bombay rava) – 1/2 cup
  12. Coriander leaves (chopped) – 2 tbsp
  13. Oil - for frying


  1. Chop onion, mushroom, green chillies, keep it ready.
  2. Smash potato and keep it ready.
  3. Heat a pan with oil, when hot, add cumin seeds and onion, cook till transparent and soft.
  4. Add green chillies, stir well for 1min.
  5. Add mushrooms and cook till its water is absorbed (5 to 7 mins) and cooked well. Switch it off. Let it cool.
  6. Take a big bowl or plate, add the cooked mushroom to the smashed potato, add chopped coriander leaves, and salt, mix well.
  7. Make small patties shape and keep it ready.
  8. I took coarse semolina(upma rawa), added coriander leaves and coarsely grinded to give green colour to semolina or can just add chopped coriander leaves and crush it well, with your hands.
  9. Place each Pattie on the semolina mixture, coat it nicely and keep it aside.
  10. Preheat tava or griddle pan, add oil 2tbsp, when hot place the mushroom cutlet and cook on both sides till the coating becomes golden and gives crispy texture.
  11. Add oil in between cooking so that it should not become dry.


  1. Can add 2 or 3 potatoes according to your taste.
  2. Can decrease or increase mushroom quantity according to your taste.
  3. Can coat it with egg, plain flour and then bread crumbs and deep fry it.