Bombay sandwich

If you have any friends from Mumbai or you have visited Mumbai, you must have come across a delicious Bombay or Mumbai sandwich, sometimes grilled also. A healthy vegetarian Mumbai sandwich, everyone’s favourite, nearly found in every street-corner, train station, bus stop, college, school and near beach.

Mumbai or Bombay sandwich consists of slices of soft white bread, butter, off course green chutney applied on it, without it, it is an incomplete Bombay sandwich, filled with all kinds if fresh vegetables and cheese, this can be served untoasted or toasted.

This Mumbai sandwich has become one of my favourite, quick, easy and delicious sandwiches, which can be eaten any time or packed in lunch boxes.

For kids especially it is very healthy as it has colourful vegetables with their favourite cheese. You can choose any cheese, a slice or grated.

Preparation time: 10 mins (if the green chutney is prepared in advance)

Cooking time: Nil

Cuisine: Mumbai street food

Serves: 2

Spiciness: Mild


  1. White or brown bread – few slices
  2. Potato (boiled) – 1, medium size
  3. Onion – 1, medium size
  4. Red bell pepper – 1(optional)
  5. Green bell paper - 1
  6. Tomato – 1, medium size
  7. Cucumber – 1
  8. Green chutney – 1/2cup
  9. Butter as required
  10. Salt, black pepper, chaat masala
  11. For the green chutney

  12. Coriander leaves – 1 big handful
  13. Green chilli – 1
  14. Lemon juice – ½ lemon or 2tsp
  15. Salt as per taste
  16. Sugar - 1/4th tsp
  17. Black salt – a pinch (optional)
  18. Chaat masala – a pinch (optional)
  19. Onion - quarter


  1. Slice onion, cucumber, bell pepper (red and green), tomato into thin and round shapes or thin slices, keep it ready.
  2. In a blender, grind the above all ingredients to a smooth paste, using 1tbsp or very little water. Mix salt and keep it in airtight container in the refrigerator.
  3. Making the cilantro chutney

  4. In a mixer or blender grind all the above ingredients to a smooth paste using little water. Mix salt in the chutney. Keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  5. Preparing the veg sandwich

  6. Trim the edges of 3 to 4 bread slices. You can leave the edges if you want.
  7. Apply butter on all the bread slices. Then apply the chutney to all the slices.
  8. Place all the veggie slices one by one.
  9. The vegetables can be arranged any order you like.
  10. Like cucumber and bell pepper, tomato sprinkle chaat masala and black pepper in first slice, in the second slice onion, boiled potato, bell pepper, sprinkle chaat masala, pepper powder, arrange the bread slice one on one another and cover it with the third slice, in the third slice, apply butter and green chutney.
  11. Cover the sandwich with the other bread slices. Arrange the bread slices on one another. OR You can stuff all the vegetables in one slice and cover the sandwich with the other slice, after applying butter and green chutney (Hari chutney).
  12. Slice the sandwich into small pieces or triangles as required.
  13. Serve veg sandwich with tomato ketchup and the cilantro chutney.


  1. You can prepare the cilantro chutney in advance or one day before.
  2. Green chutney can be prepared with mint leaves also or half cilantro and half mint, with the same ingredients above.
  3. You can keep a slice of cheese also.
  4. You can cook the potato in the microwave. Wash the potato well. Prick the potatoes with a fork and microwave in the oven for 5 to 6 minutes.
  5. You can slice or chop the vegetables as you like.