Paneer sticks

Paneer sticks are served as a snack or as a starter for all paneer lovers. Paneer is cut into long length wise and covered with potato mixture, coated with bread crumbs or sesame seeds and deep fry it in the oil. The potato mixture, I made, divided into 2 portions and added different spices in each, to show you can make varieties in it and can add any ingredient you like. I have used green chilli sauce in one mixture and pavbhajji masala in the other, so entirely different spices. you can add according to your taste. Children will like chilli sauce and the elder spicy pav bhajji masala one. In the coating also, I have given you some ideas which you can do according to your taste. I have coated with bread crumbs, or plain flour or corn flour or with sesame seeds. I have stuffed the paneer stick in the potato mixture; you can do with mixed vegetables mixture or the mixture you use to make vegetable cutlets. Can get a clear idea from my pictures.


  1. Potato (medium) – 3(boiled)
  2. Cabbage – 1/2cup or more
  3. Bread – 1(slice)
  4. Paneer – 270gms (cut into stick shapes)
  5. Mixture 1

  6. Green chilli sauce – 3tsp
  7. Cumin powder – 1/2tsp (roasted)
  8. Salt as per tatse
  9. Coating 1

  10. Egg – 1
  11. Cardamom powder – a pinch (optional)
  12. Pepper powder – a pinch
  13. Salt as per taste
  14. Mixture 2

  15. Pav bhajji masala – 2tsp
  16. Amchur – 1/4th tsp
  17. Kashmir chilli powder – 1/4th tsp
  18. Green chillies - 1(chopped)
  19. Coriander leaves - few (optional)
  20. Coating 2

  21. Corn flour – for dusting
  22. Egg – 1
  23. Salt as per taste
  24. Sesame seeds – as required


  1. Cut the paneer in to long sticks as per your size need.
  2. Soak the bread in water for few sec and squeeze out the excess water from the bread and keep it aside.
  3. Take the boiled potatoes, smash it well, and add sliced or grated cabbage, mix well.
  4. Crumble the bread, mix it in the potato and cabbage mixture, the mixture should be tight not loose, well binded together.
  5. Divide the mixture in to 2 portions equally and keep it aside.
  6. Mixture 1

  7. Add all the ingredients of mixture 1, in any one of the divided potato dough, one by one and mix well, add salt as per the taste.
  8. Can make it spicy by adding more sauce.
  9. Divide the mixture into equal medium size balls and flatten it in your palm by applying little water.
  10. Flatten it according the size of your paneer stick, so that it will be easy to stuff the paneer stick.
  11. Place the paneer stick in between the potato mixture and close both the ends together to form a stick shape.
  12. When all the mixture is done, keep it aside.
  13. Coating 1

  14. Beat the egg well in a bowl; add cardamom powder, pepper powder, salt as per taste, mix well keep it aside.
  15. Dip each stick in the egg mixture and coat it with the bread crumbs.
  16. Heat the oil, add the coated paneer sticks one by one and shallow or deep fry it, till it changes to golden colour.
  17. Serve it with any sauce or green chutney.
  18. Mixture 2 (Sesame paneer sticks)

  19. Add mixture 2 ingredients in the divided potato dough, add salt as per taste, mix well and keep it aside.
  20. Follow the same procedure as given above to stuff the paneer sticks.
  21. Coating 2

  22. Beat the egg well and keep it aside.
  23. Dip each paneer stick one by one in the egg mixture and cover it with sesame seeds and coat it with plain flour or corn flour, dust it to remove the excess flour.
  24. Or coat the paneer stick first with plain flour or corn flour, then with egg mixture and then coat it with sesame seeds.
  25. Some times I just coat it with the plain flour and shallow fry it.
  26. There should be enough oil, to fry the paneer sticks.
  27. Heat the oil and shallow or deep fry, the paneer sticks, till the sesame seeds are cooked, you cook till it is light brown or dark brown as per your tatse or till the coating is cooked well.
  28. Some may like the sesame seeds taste and some may not, but it is your wish, as in this paneer stick only the sesame seeds taste will be dominating.
  29. Serve it with any green chutney or any sauce you like.


  1. I have made 2 varities of paneer stick, in the potato dough mixture, so the quantity of paneer sticks will be less like 4 to 5 in each mixture.
  2. You can make any variety of paneer stick according to your taste; can reduce the spice for the children.
  3. Paneer sticks are coated with bread crumbs or sesame seeds, you can coat the paneer sticks as per your taste.
  4. If you want can take 1/4th plain flour add salt and water to make it watery mixture and dip the paneer sticks in the maida (plain flour water mixture) and cover or coat it with bread crumbs and deep fry it.
  5. If you want can add garam masala, green chillies, coriander leaves, chat masala, lemon juice in the potato dough mixture, can add the ingredients according to your taste, to make tasty paneer stick.