Tandoori paneer and vegetable kebabs

This time I have taken tandoori masala ( ready made, any brand), for the marinade, to grill the kebabs and give that reddish colour to my vegetables. In my other recipe I prepared hara masala (green masala) paneer and vegetable kebabs. Can see the picture, it gives good colour, impressive for the parties and tasted good too. Can use any vegetables you like, can grill or cook in the oven.


  • Oil - for frying
  • Marinade

  • Tandoori masala (ready made) – 3 tbsp
  • Curd – 5 tbsp
  • Kashmiri chilli powder – 1 tsp
  • Salt - as per taste
  • Lemon juice – 1 to 2 tbsp
  • Oil – 2 tsp
  • Vegetables

  • Mushroom – 8 to 10
  • Capsicum (small) – 1
  • Onion (small) – 1
  • Paneer – 120 gms


  • Cut all the vegetables in the same size, square cut or into chunks.
  • I have kept the mushrooms whole as it will shrink when cooked. I have cut paneer into cubes, capsicum and onion into cubes or chunks.
  • Soak the wooden/bamboo skewers in the water for 30 mins to prevent from burning.
  • For the marinade, mix together all the ingredients including the oil in a bowl or plate.
  • Add paneer and the vegetables to marinate for 1 hr to 3 hrs or overnight in the fridge. Remove it from the fridge, 30 mins before cooking.
  • Pierce each vegetable and paneer alternatively to the skewers or as per your order of choice.
  • If using pan

  • Preheat the pan or griddle with 2tsp of oil, when hot, place each skewer on the griddle or pan, sizzling sound comes, cook for 2min on medium heat on each side and then turn the other side.
  • Drizzle some oil in between, cook evenly all sides till you get the charred colour on your vegetable kebabs, it will take 10 to 12 mins.
  • While cooking the marinade may come out or the juice of it, do not worry cook until it is char grilled.
  • Remove from the grill or tava, when it is cooked well, serve as a starter or as a side dish with the main course.
  • If using oven

  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius/400 degrees fahrenheit/gas mark 6 and oil in a baking sheet or aluminium foil.
  • Bake in the oven for 10min, brush it with butter or oil, turn and cook for another 7min or until charred at the edges.


  • The marinade should be thick not watery.
  • The marinade should get well attached to the vegetables and the paneer, where there is no need to brush the vegetables with the marinade again and again, while cooking.
  • Drizzle oil in between of cooking, so that it does not stick to the pan or griddle.
  • If the vegetables get over charred, reduce the flame.
  • Threading the vegetables and paneer can be done as per your order of choice.

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