Items in my store cupboard

These are the few things which I keep in my store cupboard other than spices and sauces, to cook Chinese and other Indian dishes and Thai also. You can see it in the picture itself.

Soya sauce

It is used in Chinese cooking and can be used in noodles,curries, soups,rice dishes. Dark soya sauce and light soya sauce is also available.

Fish sauce

It is used in thai dishes mostly and used in soups and other dishes.

Pepper powder

It is a common ingredients, it is used for most of the recipes. I grind it freshly and store it. Donot keep it for a long period.

Oyster sauce

It is used in thai and Chinese dishes. You can see in my recipes.

Seseame oil

Used mostly in Chinese dishes but used in Indian dishes also.

Tomato puree and tomato sauce

Tomato puree is a concentrated one and gives a very good colour to your dishes also.

Tomato sauce(ketchup)( as every one knows , I have used this for Chinese and Indian cooking too.

Rice vinegar and malt vinegar

You can use this according to the dishes usage. It is for tangy and sour flavour.

Worcester sauce

I use this sometimes according to the recipe. In chicken lollipops , I have used. It is used in American dishes and to make burgers.

Coconut milk

I use this to make it for curries and appam (kerelan dish).

Crushed chilli powder and chilli flakes

We can use this in noodles or on pizza or in curries and rice, according to the recipe.

If you see in the picture there is round pink box in which I have put some dals and spices, which I use it for roasting and grinding and seasoning also. I have kept pepper seeds, fenugreek (methi seeds), chana dal, suanf seeds(fennel), cumin seeds(jeera), coriander seeds, urad dal.

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