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Vegetable Kuruma

Vegetable kurma is a mixed vegetable curry very popular dish in south Indian restaurants and prepared in each house in households with their own variations and as per their taste. Though it has become so popular that everybody names Saravana style vegetable kurma although it is widely available in every South Indian restaurants. I have tasted different kinds of kurma from different South Indian restaurants I liked all.

Roast chicken with cranberry stuffing

Roast chicken is a fabulous family treat for everyone, whatever the occasion or celebration is. One of my son’s favourite dishes has to be roast chicken with roast potato, lots of gravy and Yorkshire pudding – enough to make him happy on that day.

Restaurant style Butter chicken

Butter chicken is a very popular dish and is also known as Murg makhani. Butter chicken is luscious and creamy and is similar to chicken tikka masala – creamy and tomato based. Kids love it as it is quite mild. I have prepared many variations of butter chicken, but this one is my son’s favourite. Prepare this restaurant-style butter chicken at home and enjoy.

Nadan kozhi curry | Kerala style chicken curry

Nadan Kozhi-Chicken Curry is a very popular chicken curry in Kerala and it goes well with Keralan style parotta or any Indian bread, pathiri , Appam, plain rice or ghee rice. This Keralan chicken curry cannot be made in hurry as: onion has to be cooked until soft and caramel, spices has to be roasted and combined well with onion, chicken has to be roasted well with onion mixture without adding water, on medium or low flame only, by doing this we get a very scrumptious restaurant style chicken curry with good reddish colour.

Paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is a very popular Tandoori starter in India. It can be easily prepared at home in your own oven almost like restaurant style. Paneer tikka is a vegetarian Tandoori starter delight without which any Indian restaurant menu is incomplete. Paneer tikka is baked in the oven or grilled after marinating the vegetables and paneer (Indian cottage cheese) in a blend of spices and yoghurt.

Punjabi style mixed vegetable pakora

Mixed vegetable pakora/fritters is a deep fried Indian snack, which is quick and easy to make. It can be easily prepared at home anytime and enjoyed well during evenings with a cup of tea. It becomes more enjoyable during rainy season. I have prepared mix vegetable pakora or pakoda, Punjabi style.

Mixed Vegetable bajji / Indian vegetable fritters

South Indian style mixed vegetable bajji is a popular snack where vegetables are dipped in gram flour batter with spices. Bajji means fritters. For bajjis, you can use raw banana, potato, bell pepper, chillies, brinjal, cauliflower, onion, etc. You can easily find stalls selling them in Chennai Marina beach, small tea shops in Chennai or in busy marketplaces. These bajjis can be easily prepared at home. I have added rice flour and biryani colour (orange or sunset colour) in my batter for the extra crispness and colour – similar to what we get in Marina beach bajji stalls.

Set dosa / sponge dosa / atukula dosa

Set Dosa /Soft dosa/Sponge dosa/Attukula dosa /Aval dosa is a one more variety of dosa and speciality dosa from Karnataka. Because of poha/aval used, the dosa is also known as aval/attukula dosa. The name set dosa because it comes in 3 set of dosa with a vegetable curry or chutney and sambar. They are soft, spongy and fluffy. They are served as tiffin/breakfast or in the lunch boxes for the kids.

Andhra Rayalaseema chepala pulusu (Fish Curry)

One more fish curry, the famous Andhra Rayalaseema fish curry – chepala pulusu, which means Tamarind fish curry and is very popular in the houses of Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh. This fish curry is similar to my other chepala pulusu, but in this curry I have added roasted special spices. Fish is cooked in a tangy sauce and in the end roasted spices are added, which gives this curry a different taste.

Chettinad Mutton kuzhambu (Karaikudi mutton curry)

Chettinad food is popular for its non-vegetarian dishes in chettinad region in Tamil Nadu. Some of the popular food in chettinad cuisine is chicken curry, mutton curry, fish curry, adirasam and many more dishes. Chettinad cuisine is popular for its hotness (spicy), variety of spices and freshly ground spices for non-vegetarian dishes.